Bad choice of word I hope.

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  1. Read the first couple sentences of this article. I surely hope they don't mean what they wrote.

    NBC4 story
  2. I am going to guess that a non-fisherman wrote that article.;) At least I hope that is the case.:rolleyes:

  3. ScottB

    ScottB SW Ohio

    What are they doing, taking them up to the Maumee River and show them how to put the "Maumee Twist" on their jig heads? ;)
  4. I wish somebody would teach me how to catch a walleye.
  5. seethe303

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    ODNR's new motto for turning on kids to fishing*: "Hey, snagging is still better than drugs!"

    *actually, snagging
  6. misfit

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    LOL.yep,i think brian is right.whoever wrote it just doesn't have a clue about fishing:rolleyes:
  7. snake69

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    Or about the illegalities of snagging!
  8. This just shows the quality of writers and new reporters we have in this country. They write about fishing, sports and politics and do not have a clue about any of them, but yet the masses just "believe" what they write and say simply because they wrote it. Can they just pay one of the great local outdoor writers of ohio to write thier articles so they do not look so stupid?
  9. jmenchhofer

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    Amen, brother! :(

    I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read the first sentence, I think I would have sprayed it all over my laptop!! :p
  10. jeffmo

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    the future wildlife officers will have to have a new generation of snaggers at the maumee!!if not what will they do with themselves???:D :D

    just kidding of course!!
  11. Toxic

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    LMAO, good one :D