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    Ever fish with a bad angler??... now you can give them there just award!"
  2. :p ...YES... and no matter what you say they continue to do it...I once fished with a guy and we were trolling..everytime we came up to a point...his rod started jumping all over the place...well the lure was big enough he was dredging a foot wide channel in the bottom of the lake ...everytime his rod started jumping he would say I got a hit....told him to put a shallower running lure on...never heard me....same as drift fishing with bobbers for crappies....Jig dragging the bottom ...bring your jig up off the bottom a little...never heard me...then complain the whole way home...because I caught more fish than he did...He deserves the bad angler award...Needless to say we don't fish together anymore....I am not the greatest fisherman in the world ....but I am not the worse either....The thing that drives me nuts the angler that brags all the time about how good he is....
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  3. I'd like to give out a few bad boat driver awards.
  4. Thanks very much for the positive comments guys. There are a lot of awards just pick the most appropriate. There are awards for the worst angler , the whiner, the noisiest and the most seasick. We have more awards coming. Our next target is the Bad Angler's wife. And there are First Fish awards for the next angling generation. The awards are all free and suitable for framing. Click here for the list of Bad Angler Awards.

    Also if you fish the moon check out the personal calendar. I'll tell you best Solunar days with sun and moon information for any spot any day in any year. If you have a tide location set we provide high & low tides info too. This makes it very easy to pick a date for a fishing trip a long time in advance. Not everyone is into Solunar check out the wikipedia article if interested.

    There are a lot of tools. Everything on the site is free.

  5. ...dKilla...Lets not go there ..that would really get things started....every lake could give out bad boaters awards...
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