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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by jeffmo, Jul 30, 2008.

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    WOW I just saw this on the news and it was tragic. There was nothing at all said about the driver of the truck that was out of control. It will be interesting to see the investigators conclusion on why he lost control.

  3. That is absolutely horrible. Thanks to the brave citizens who rescued the survivors.
    And a BIG thanks for your service and to all of our Police and Fire Depts.


    in my almost 13 yrs of being a firefighter i have never seen a semi look like that but i have seen a full size pickup that looked almost like that though. i agree that is a mess and a shame
  5. I seen it on the noon news, looks terrible, I hope everybody pulls through.
  6. That is a mess. My prayers to everyone involved victms, responders, and families. Ugly stuff
  7. God brings back memories of the one i had to deal with in new madison. Multiple roll over , multiple ejection involving 1 adult and 4 kids that were not in car seats or wearing any seat belts. When I rolled up two of the kids were laying face down on road way.

    Messed me up for a few days after that.

    Side note, even after that accident for some strange reason I still dont wear my seatbelt.
  8. WOW that's a bad one.

    Does anyone know how to download a video from one of those news web sites? I see how to email it view it but I can't download it. I tryed right clicking, I tryed to drag it, ect...
    Mine was just a crazy driver we checkout but I wanted to keep the video. If anyone knows how to do it just post or PM me, Thanks FireMurph
  9. Man, that intersection by the old BP is horrible. I worked at the PizzaHut on the other side of 23 and had to cross it every day I worked. I had a couple of close calls there at 12am with the southbound traffic not stopping when they had a red light. I would guess BigCheesie knows that area too.

    Several folks have been killed at that intersection. I really feel bad for everyone involved.

    JeffMo, do you volunteer for the Pickaway twp. FD?
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    I had a buddy that works for the State road crew tell me about it. Sad case indeed. All of those lights in that area have trucks run right through them. Just the other day I was turning into Wally World off 23. Light turned yellow I started to go ..........................but had this big ole semi not even attempt to tap the brakes go screaming through the red light. Had a pucker effect at about 8.5! Was glad I was paying attention and caught him coming. He was about 75 yards from the light and for a second I thought he would stop but was not sure. Feel sad for the family. It is always a gamble anymore during the morning commute.
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    buckeyeguy,i work at circleville but i know just most of the guys at pickaway.everyone working that scene did a very good job.
    chess,it's absolutely crazy the way people drive through that area.just down the road at the dupont road intersection is where a trucker changed lanes and put me in the mediun last week.he never looked in his mirror or used his signal.we had some words at the thompson intersection.:mad:
    i'm surprised that there hasn't been a fatal at the new intersection in front of bob evans.there's no "prepare to stop" warning lights there and i've probably watched 20 semis and countless cars blow through the red light because of's the only intersection in that stretch without the warning lights.
    i'm going to check with odot in the morning to see what can be done about it.
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    I nearly always look south even with a green light at that intersection before turning north on 23. Many years ago a Logan Elm teacher and his wife that lived in Laurelville lost their lives at that intersection.