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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by chuckie, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. looking for someone to repair 1990 90HP Force outboard. must know what they're doing. power head repairs-broken piston ring, needs pistons, rings, cyl. honing, new water pump impeller. obviously can't affort the 150% parts markup and $150 per hr. commercial shop rates....any help appreciated!!
  2. UFM82

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    I'm in Cincinnati. It would make a good winter project for me.


  3. but I might be interested. what are your credentials, equipment, workspace?thanks.
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    Might want to PM DaleM I thought at one time somebody told me his son worked on outboards .
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    That's my nephew that does that. He does some at home in his own shop. He is the chief mechanic for Boat Boys in Newark.
  6. ask him with the general description i gave in the first post if he could give me a ball-park est. I know the pistons and rings(3-sets) are around $100/set.
    pump parts-around $100-but considerable labor involved.thx.
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    Sorry it took so long- didn't look at the thread for a while. I don't have the same credentials that Dale's kid has- I've never worked at a marina/boat shop. Just 15 years in as a Ford dealership mechanic, most in heavy engine work, 4 years as a fleet manager for a large landscape company, (27 trucks, 4 Bobcats, up to 125hp tractors, lawnmowers, weedeaters, roto-tillers, leaf blowers, trenchers, edgers, loader backhoes, forklifts, etc.) That's about it. Last I checked I only had about $17,000 in tools in my toolbox but that's what the insurance company charges me for. So take that for what it's worth.

    Take it to Dale's kid- he may offer you more than I will. He may charge a bit more though- I'm pretty cheap.


    What was the extent of the damage? Just curious.
  8. didn't mean to slight anyone. my son goes many miles out on l. erie in his boat so that's why i am trying to locate someone well qualified. would like for him to be able to make it back it one piece-sort of thing. also, he has limited resources/assets(cash). just looking for options.
  9. how do I contact your nephew to see if he's interested in majoring this motor?
    or you can ask and respond here. thanks.