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    When everybody said this pond wasn't worth saving, I was determined to save it. It is far from finished but man am I glad I didn't listen to all of the reasons why to just fill it in, which was the local landfill for whatever the neighbors didn't want bofore I started on it. I have put many long hours of hard work cleaning peoples unwanted weight machines,car parts,water tanks,you name it! Not to mention the Three fully grown cottonwoods the electric co. dropped in. It's finally paying off, now I can actually make a cast without snagging trash and snag fish like these. The gill was just shy of 10" the crappie was 15" and the bass I forgot to measure but weighed just shy of 4, I've caught at least 6 other bass over 2lbs and a crappie 14 and countless gills that are huge. But there is still one bass in there that I haven't pulled in yet, I've hooked him twice but has proven too much for my line.
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    Great Job for stepping up and taking care of a great fishing pond.

  3. wow, that is great, is that in pataskala? how did you pull out weight machines and water heaters from the water....also did you do anything else to the water or weeds once you got out the trash,. sorry for being mr questions but this story is interesting to me!
  4. Great stuff, enjoy that pond!!
  5. nice fish keep the pond clean and it will be good to fish and catch that big bass your talking about and post the pic of it
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    nice work and nice fish!
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    Thats one heck of a story and some very nice fish. Glad to see you're reaping the rewards of all your hard work. You're setting an example to others of what can happen with a little determination.

  8. i forgot to ask how big is this pond
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    That crappie is absolutely beautiful!

    Congrats, it sounds like a great place to relax.
  10. f'ishnfool,
    You have done very well, and things will only get better! I fish three ponds in which I release ALL bass & ALL gills over 8". Nine years ago, the biggest gills I caught were around 8". This year, friends & I have caught 2 gills over 11", 5 over 10", & too many to count over 9"...(9" is a Fish Ohio gill).
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    nice work, I think this is a great example of what boneman was getting at in his post "I wish more people would understand". Great catch and work saving the pond.
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    Awesome! Great job on the pond.

  13. Nice fish. Make sure you remind the people that were nay sayers and want to fish it now that it's just a "trash dump" and nothing good in it. :D
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    The pond is only about 30x75, not very big but it's about 10' deep, spring fed and has crawdads in it. It also has catfish and a few smallies which I donated. I just can't believe the reproduction succuss, I have hundreds of bass and gills that are about one inch everywhere. I wish I had pics of my powerstroke yanking all the trees and crap out of there, I t was like a commercial.
  15. nice pond, nice story,and nice fish.
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    Awesome story sir. Is this pond on private or public land? There are ways to protect it either way. Let us know.
  17. Very cool story and i am glad of your success. i'm sure youy have much more to do and continue!

    I bet you quite fond of you accomplishments every time you cast!!! gotta be a great feeling!

  18. GREAT job nice looking fish now comes the trespassers !@ !@ that pond bring much more enjoyment :) :B
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    What an accomplishment! I am shocked that people in this day would do such damage to a great little resource. We should know better by now!!!! uggh, frustrating. But then there's guys like you that come along and prove em wrong.

    Have fun with your pond - congrats on all of the critters that are finding it home now. You really need to name it now! That'll show em.
  20. Great story...thanks for posting it.

    Nice vision you had....congrats on your accomplishment.