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    I've been fishing several days on a trib near the mouth where there's a lot of floodwater from the rising OR. I wouldn't normally fish the slackwater like that except for a tip from fellow OGFer LittleMiamiJeff. The fishing's been good, but I wonder if there's any method to finding them in the backwater?

    I've had decent success each time out, but sometimes they seem scattered other times I can sit in one spot and slay 'em. This last time out (4/5) they seemed scattered, but the bigger fish seemed to stay up near the bank....herding shad maybe?

    I know roughly where to find them on the river, but does anyone have advice on finding them consistently in flooded tribs? So far, I've just walked or floated the creek 'til I start getting hits casting where there's room enough to cast and no debris in the way.