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Backpack or waist belt?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by TritonBill, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. How do you carry your stuff around that your going to need for a days hunt?
  2. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    i've always used a just always seemed to work the best for me.

  3. Daypack if I am going to be there for a large part of the day. If I am just going for a couple of hours as if usually the case early in the season then I only take what fits in my pockets. When it is warm I don't like packing anything unnecessary as it will overheat me on the trip in and cause me to sweat.
  4. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    That is why I use the day pack as well. I have a backpack that I carry when it is cold out. In the warmer weather I find that a back pack just makes me sweat that much more while I am carrying it.
  5. I am the exact opposite of the other guys so far.

    I use the backpack for the same reason bkr mentioned - I do not want to break a sweat. I find it to be even more effective this time of year. I dress very light this time of year - often only underwear and socks underneath my warm weather camo. I stalk my way into my stand location and either add additional clothing from my backpack before getting into the stand or while in the stand.

    I actually HAD a stand I felt comfortable doing this in for years. I built it into an huge dying oak with lumber; it was concealed by very large limbs (the size of trees!) This has been the best stand in my life, but I lost it last year due to a property sale.

    This has worked very well for me!
  6. I guess I should add that my hike in to my stand is only between 150 yards and 500 yards depending on which stand I decide on. It is easy walking along fencelines as well. When it is warm like this I usually carry my light camo jacket in rather than wearing it for the reason that Fish-N-Fool mentioned. I just don't like a backpack on me because it holds the body heat in so much.

    This time of the year I rarely hit the stand for more than a couple of hours on either dawn or dusk. I just don't have the ambition to spend any more time than that this early in the year when the activity is very limited during midday hours.

    By the way Fish-N-Fool, I have one of those huge oak tree stands. Those are really nice. I have a platform big enough for my boy to hunt from it with me this fall.
  7. bkr - they make the best stands - I could literally dance the jig in this stand without being seen. I harvested a couple wall hangers from the stand and had many other mature bucks pass by within bow range and I was never once spotted.

    The kid who bought the property is 19 years old (granddad's coin) and he said he is going to start hunting, hence the no permission. I know he has no idea how to hunt because I saw him last season for the first time & he just walked aimlessly and sat in the open on a fence row (his grandfather owns the adjoining farm).

    I was nice & told him what I knew as far as travel routes, bedding areas and such. I told him where my stand was and that it should be in good order for him. I then "encouraged" him to practice up and to stay out of the bedding areas - told him to hunt my stand exclusively. It is in a 4 way funnel away from the bedding areas and is a dynamite travel route. I had at least 1 mature buck within range every year from this stand.

    It hurts if you can't tell :D
  8. Yeah you sound a bit bitter. I think the cure for you is to go out and stick a big boy from another location.;)
  9. Smallie Gene

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    Hey Bill, waist belts are too much like "fanny packs" and we all know that fanny packs are un-rugged thanks to Richard Simmons and Tony Little so I usually have enough pockets on my clothes to carry my stuff for the hunts I go on but if you were going on an all-dayer where you needed to pack food and whiskey and stuff, a back pack is a must....... Unless you have mule?
  10. Smallie, How did you know I had a mule?!

    Thanks for the tips guys. I'm heading out in a couple hrs.
  11. I Use A Has Hunter Orange On It So I Wont Get Stuck With A Arrow Or Bullet.////
  12. Back pack...Fansey packs dont have enought room...