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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by peon, Sep 24, 2005.

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    my boss called me today and told me to come back to work monday and work lite duty! i want to go but i am still wrote off from work??? should i go or call the doctor and have him write me for lite duty or do i need to be wrote lite duty?? cause im still wrote off till 10-7-05 at least... but i want to goto work to make some money and i dont want him to fire me cause i wont come to work.. i dont work with a union..???
  2. Can You work???? If so ...Go.........If not the calls you'rs..

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    i can do what he wants me to do... but the question is should i wait and get the doctor to release me back to work?? or go without a release??
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    no union . no contract? Means he can fire you if you refuse.Ohio is a right to work state. better go if you can.
  5. This is my suggestion to you. If your doctor has written you off work for a certain period of time, then by all means try to honor that. However, if your place of employment has a return to work policy and they are able to accomodate the restriction that your doctor has put in place, then I would go back to work only after you have received the ok form your doctor stating what you can/cannot do. If your workplace has a modified duty program, they are required to honor your restrictions. if and oly if you receive a release form your doctor. if he does not relase you, the you do not have to work.. but if he does and you do not return to work, they can fire you... if they have a program for modified duty.