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Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by GMR_Guy, May 23, 2005.

  1. I finally had a good day in what has turned out to be a slow year so far. I mangaged to land 9 carp in 4 fours of fishing (I didn't catch any fish in the first hour, so it was really 9 carp in 3 hours). The rig was simple, 4 to 5 kernels of sweet corn directly threaded onto a size 2 hook. The two largest carp were 29". The photo shows a eight of the 9 carp. A smaller approximately 18" carp was immediately released and not photographed.

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  2. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    way to go, a very fine day indeed!

  3. Talk about a load of fun! 50-60lb of fish! WOW! :rolleyes:
  4. WTG [​IMG]
    How did you keep those carp W/O harming them for that photo :confused:
    I am not bad mouthing here but someday I
    would like to take a photo like that too ;)
  5. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    Clyde,good point.
    If you buy a "keep net" like the matchmen use for small fish or a "keep sack" like carp anglers use , you can keep a big fish until you get your camera set up and such.
    I personally would not keep a lot of carp in one keep sack for a few hours until i had enough for a picture....i say if you catch a big fish, keep it in the sack just long enough to gets things ready for a picture...max. time 10 mins.
    If you catch a very large fish and think its record size...maybe max. 1 hour til the ODNR guys show up to verify...but the fish has to be sacked in DEEP water and kept out of direct sunlight. Summertime with very high temps and direct sunlight a big fish can die pretty quick in those dark colored keep sacks....i personally dont use one, but then again i only take pictures of the bigger fish from each trip and keep the camera ready.

    But i guess since there are no laws for carp anything can be done to them you want...sad!

  6. Ok I see now....
    Guess I'll never purchase one of those cause I have enough to carry now LOL
  7. If you look next to the landing net you'll see a fish sack. And you'll also see a fine mesh landing net. And you'll also see that they are on an unhooking mat. I can assure you that they all swam off in great condition. This is not something that I normally do, as my numerous posts demonstrate.

    Scott, it's not really that sad. They'll be bagging them for longer than your 10 minute maximum at the WCC.

  8. Except maybe in the extreme conditions of a hot, sunny day in warm, stagnant, shallow water with the sun beating down on these fish...keeping a bunch of small to midsize carp in a keepsack isn't going to hurt these fish in any way imaginable. Come on now...we aren't dealing with some fragile trout species or anything here. Like he pointed out...he's using a fine mesh net, landing mat, keepsack, and is releasing every carp he catches...what more could you ask for?? He's doing more to protect them and keep them safe than almost anyone else (including me) who fishes for carp. He could be running a stringer through their gills or mouths, or just keeping them in a bucket until he has enough for a picture...also perfectly legal.

    And what's this about "since there are no laws for carp anything can be done to them you want...sad!"?? If it were any other legal limit of a "gamefish" species...he could do whatever he wants with them as well...assuming they were all of legal size and such. Only difference with carp is you can harvest them anyway you want...once they are in your legal possession there's no difference between a bass, carp, catfish, on and so forth. Listening to some of these carp's almost like they want a whole new set of regulations of how carp should be handled and treated and properly played and properly released. I have as much respect for these fish as anybody else...but come on now...before you know it we'll all have to use barbless hooks size 6 or smaller and keep the fish in the water at all times just to keep from being ridiculed by fellow carp anglers for not taking care of our fish.

    By the way...I realize you had a legitimate question, Clyde. Just didn't think the best response was given...
  9. Thanks for the support CW. Sometimes on this forum, and especially on the CAG forum, you'll receive "condemnation" of varying degrees if a fish is not handled exactly the way someone deems appropriate. A lot of beginners are chased away from the forums because of the elitist attitudes expressed by a few.

    As for carp survival in a sack. Many carp were transplanted throughout this country in wet sacks. These carp were hauled this way for days. I believe that some carp have been kept alive out of water for over 14 days. The belief that carp are fragile creatures is based more upon emotion rather than fact.
  10. Here's an excerpt from the link below:

    "The hardy nature of Carp is legendary. Like the cockroach they are true survivors. Carp have a very wide temperature tolerance and have been known to survive several days out of water. The temperature range at which Carp can survive, is 40cbelow zero and 19c above.
    Research indicates that Carp can survive inside a block of ice with only a small amount of free water in the middle'. (Roberts 1997) Hence, their ability to remain in muddy, low oxygen waters. One of the reasons that carp can remain active and survive low temperatures is their ability to modify their muscle properties and swimming performance following several weeks of temperature adaptation (Cole N.J. & Johnston, I. A., 2000). In the cold winter months, Carp generally stay near the bottom. During dry spells Carp have been know to submerse themselves in the mud and survive there for several weeks."
  11. Hey guys THANKS for the detailed answers...
    I never heard of a fish sack before and like the idea behind them...
    What is the unhooking mat made of? I imagine anything made of plastic would work as well yes?
  12. That elitist attitude that GMR Guy mentions is what I see as the biggest detriment to CAG and other carp organizations. It's hard to recruit the casual or beginner carp fisherman to these types of organizations (and to more serious carp fishing as a whole) when they are ridiculed for their style of fishing as an "unsafe" method. I agree it's important to educate people about the safe handling of carp, but many just go too far and tend to forget the whole reason most of us are out fishing. I still use a landing net with the larger mesh that is deemed "unsafe" for carp...but that's all I've got now and I can't see myself spending money for another net when this one works. I couldn't even imagine being new to this Euro stuff and thinking that I would need to buy all of this fancy stuff just to fit in with the rest of the crowd. Even the post by Big Chessie about losing a rod...baitrunners are very nice, but not everyone new to carp fishing can just go out and by a couple new baitrunners. It's all about getting out, having fun, and hopefully catching a few fish, regardless of how you are doing it.
  13. Clyde...

    Those unhooking mats are very nice to have (I have one myself). They are built of a heavy duty, fish friendly plastic material with padding inside. Most of them roll up for portability and can double as a weighsling. They are most handy when fishing very rocky areas or on concrete/cement...not really necessary when fishing grass banks, but still nice to have.

    A cheap alternative that some guys start out with is just covering any sort of durable foam padding with a large trash bag.
  14. That is a good idea...
    I too am leary about joining the ranks of CAG simply because I no longer have the funds to purchase all the euro gear and attend the events like the one coming up in June...
    I did buy bank sticks and bid and won a set of alarms off ebay but that is all I have for now... My net is the large mesh too...

    I know I hear don't worry about the euro stuff and joining CAG but I also saw everyone using it at the WB event and to be honest I fished that same spot with Mark and you needed to be able to get out there to where the fish were to be succesful... I caught one he caught 4-5 and lost as many on hits that did not hookup...

    It may be a year at the least before I can jump in with both feet so for now I'll sit back and learn and have fun...
  15. I wouldn't let that stop you from joining CAG or attending any other carping events. The recent Austin Team Challenge, a CAG event held at Town Lake, was won by a duo that used baitcasting gear and american paylake tactics. There was nothing euro at all with their equipment and they won - and were well treated by other CAGers.

    I see euro equipment as an option, not a requirement of being a carp fisherman. The biggest drawback to euro carping is that all the required equipment is fairly expensive, and thus it is not something that everyone is willing or able to invest in.

    All carp organizations would do well to make it clear that people with all kinds of tackle are welcome. Now if they would just start having carp outings in the middle of the week, I might be able to attend one.