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I bought and tried 4 Roses single barrel
It has become my new favorite....
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Whats good with Coca Cola?

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I’m so disappointed.
Me too!
That's a good way to ruin an ice cold coke.:ROFLMAO:
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Today at the Liquor store I saw bourbon called Buster Douglas. Ha! Almost bought a bottle thinking maybe it be worth something 100 yrs from now..

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Whats good with Coca Cola?
jack daniels….but the politics
jim beam…
early times
evan williams
black velvet
….purtin-near any……
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Lucked out today - EH Taylor Single Barrel View attachment 511979
That's one heck of a collection right there. You are a lucky man
My newest favorite is Jeffersons ocean, I think it's way too pricey but my girlfriend bought a bottle for me. Been sitting on a bottle for about 6 months now, might get another one for Christmas of I'm good lol.

Still been gettin lucky and finding Buffalo Trace every couple of months around here.
I recently read an article about the World's best value bourbons,and Bulleit was #1, followed by #2 Buffalo Trace. I can't argue with that
221 - 228 of 228 Posts