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Back Question

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CPTN.CROWN, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. When I woke up from Surgery my left arm from elbow down was totaly numb :confused: They said that it was from the way I was laying for the time in surgery. A little over 4 hours. Im still having problems. Its worse when im sleeping and wake up. Anyone that has had this type of surgery have this problem? It goes away after 20 minutes or so, but i constantley have pins/needles feeling in both hands :(


  2. catlover

    catlover Banned

    Weird things happen in hospitals. When I had my last heart attack, I had a number of complications, do to complications with the care I got at the Cinci VA. They kept me unconscious for about a week and a half. While I was out, they kept my knees strapped to the bed rails. I guess this was to keep me from disconnecting the tubes while I was out.
    When I came around. I had no feeling in my legs, unless I moved them, then they started to spasm-boy did that hurt. The next day, feeling stared to come back. You know how it can hurt when your foot falls asleep and tingles its way back. Well multuply that by factor of ten. Then my legs and knees started to hurt like they had been flayed off and the nerves and muscles exposed to yhe elements. I took me 6 months before I could walk. After a year of trial and error, and exctuiciating pain, they diagnosed it as periphreal neuropathy. This was caused by the strap they immobilized my leg with. The pressure from contact with the straps and bed rails, killed off the nerves and they had to regrow.
    Good luck to you. I hope it's just a matter of a short time and youll' be back to normal.


  3. Man that is to bad. Were you able to go after the Hospital or Doctors for what they have done to you?

    When i had my knee reconstructed they had a turnicate on my leg for 3 hours to stop bleeding while in surgery. Ive got a permanent numb spot on my schin, but nothing like what im dealing with now. When I get up from lying down i have to roll on my side and push my self up with my arms. Needless to say when my hand is completly numb, like its dead it isnt a pretty site.

    Im glad that you are all back to normal!!!

  4. fishingredhawk

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    Sounds like possible malpractice Jason. Did they warn you before surgery of the risk of losing feeling in your arm?
  5. I would have an MRI ASAP and have my DR approve it NOW or tell him you will replace him...
    My back surgery went well I'd guess but even after almost 6 years I still feel the effects of the surgery...
  6. The procedure went well as far as im concearned. There is no more nerve pain in my legs, numbness or anything. Ive talked with my sisters physical medicine doc(sis is a parapalegic) and she said that they are supposed to move your body parts and monitor all the nerves in your body to prevent this. I had things stuck all over me but on my shoulders and arms. those things hurt going on, they used 80 grit sand paper to sand the parts where they went to get good contact :eek:
  7. I've never heard of that before...
    I know physical therapy may help you...
    When was this surgery done/how long ago?
  8. I would check with a neurologist. If it is happening EVERY time you wake up it may be a screwy nerve. If it feels like it does when your arm "goes to sleep" that may also be a circulatory issue. I don't know how back surgery would necessarily affect blood flow to your arms but obviously it could affect your nervous system.

    Regardless of what it MAY be you NEED to talk with the doctors immediately. If it were me, I would be on the phone with the hospital where the surgery was performed asking them for a referral to a staff neurologist and/or vascular specialist to find out what the problem is, and make it clear to them that it is in their best interest to make room on the schedule for me tomorrow.
  9. trhyhuntr it was done november 22.

    Reel Lady what does that have to do with making my arms go numb :confused: :confused: :confused:
  10. That is not very long ago...
    I know the numbness can be coming from the way you lay when you sleep
    ( I have had that hap'n b4 and since my surgery )
    but with the way a frequency it is happ'ng to you I owuld get it checked out even if you need to go to another DR., Neurologist or both...
    I saw over 10 Dr's before the broken bones were found in my back thus you may need to see someone else and get more opinions....
  11. Reel Lady

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    I deleted my last response. Either I'm going crazy, or someone deleted another post in this thread regarding a False Positive lab result for heroin. LOL.. this is just to weird! Sorry if my other response was a bit confusing to you, as my response may have been in response to someone elses post, not yours :eek: What can I say... I have a busy busy brain :D
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    My bad. I posted first to jasons thread. He asked what I did regarding my situation. It's a hard subject for me and I went on in a little too much detail. If felt I had gotten in the way and was detracting from his thread, so I deleted it.
  13. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    Thank you I know that I'm not going crazy :D