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back on the homewaters/GMR

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Tall cool one, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    After spending some time fishing the lower gmr S of middletown and hamilton I had a serious jones for some smallie action so I quit doing that drive and got back to fishing down the street from where I live(5 min from gmr,stilly and mad ).Been out for a few short evening trips and one float on labor day and got fish every time! A few nice saugies to the bank but nothing bigger'n 20" on the eve trips wading the river. Was getting a lot of them earlier in the year but been slowing down w/ the heat.
    And then there are the smallies! Nice, fat, little piggies! The low water has concentrated the feed and these fish are fat from feasting.Nothing over 18" but a coupl nudging that mark and decent #'s of 10-15"'ers,8-12 fish for 1 1/2-2 hrs for the eve trips.
    The float was not hot fishing,high pressure front dominated w/ bluebird-skies. We got only 3 fish ea for the 6+ hr float but no small ones. NO fish for the 1st 2 hrs,that was from 7 am -9 am and the first fish was a 6 lb channel my buddy got,thought it was a big saugeye at first. He also got two smallies around 14".
    It was a beautiful day to be out but the fish just were not biting as was confirmed by everyone else we passed fishing.We came into one long stretch where the banks were cliff-like and dropped off into 5-8' of water that was pushing pretty good for such depth.!st cast was to a dry creekmouth and what felt like a snag(really,I pulled hard and it did'nt want to move) turned into a massive airborne smallmouth! It jumped once more right away and tossed the hook. My buddy 'bout greased his shorts seeing the big fish and hollering about how he could've put his fist in its' mouth. Biggest fish I've hooked all year by a large measure(19" is biggest for me this far). Looked as long as his catfish.Would've liked to have landed it but it was a privilege just to have the dance ,however short it was.
    Drifting down the same pool we worked the drop-off along the bank and I got a 17"er from beside a large,submerged boulder the size of a car that stripped line like a steelhead before blowing it all on a series of aerial acrobatics. Before leaving that pool we saw a campfire smoldering on the bank,probably from nightfishers the evening before and I said,"would'nt it be funny to hook a nice bass in front of where they were fishing?" And as soon as my cast hit the water it exploded w/ a 14"er that tailwalked it's way to the boat.It was the last fish of the day so the float. Had to work for what we got but they were nice fish.All rippin' fights.Typical gmr fish too,thick, distinctly charcoal colored and totally PO'ed. All took deep running shad imitations.
    Noticed something about the day that we thought may have been related to the fishing. There were no birds active or singing. Dead quiet except for cicadas. No deer on the banks.No beaver or 'rats. No other wildlife on what is a float normally filled w/ it.About the time my buddy got his cat,we'd finally heard a few birds quarrelling in the bushes but no full song till we got close to the end of the float,to the area where the deep pool was where I got my fish.Maybe it's just coincidence ,but maybe not ,that the best fishing seems to be when there's a lot of other wildlife active and foraging. That concurrent w/ the high pressure front...ya gotta wonder some times what makes fish do what they do,ya know? TC1
  2. i have noticed the same thing. i think its either the barometor or maybe the "moon times". at night during the summer when 'cattin we look forward to hearing the stray bird chirp, and the dogs barking in the distance. that is ALWAYS a sign the fish are starting to bite again.