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Back from vacation

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by One Sock, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Well took the family back to pennsylvania to visit friends and family. Since moving here last November I have really been depressed about the lack of fishing oppurtunitys I have had, between work and home and lack of boat now, the need to set a hook and have some fish pull drag was highly anticipated.

    Camping in the Pocono mountains was just what i needed. A friend was nice enough to leave me his boat and batteries for the week and my site was right on the lake. The trip resulted in 90+ bass including a few over 5 lbs, on everything from worms to spinnerbaits to jigs to topwaters. i poured over 200 baits for the week and used almost every one of them. The baby bass laminates I made were by far the best producing senko type worm I had made easily accounting for 25 bass alone. It was real nice catching some big fish including a possible best SM that came in just shy of 4 lbs. Here is a picture of one of the bigger LM's that I took

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  2. Hey dude welcome back, nice lookn fish there! Let me know when you ready to try again somewhere, maybe when it cools off just a lil bit!

  3. Thanks man, it was a blast, here is another a friend took right after mine.

    I'm ready to go out soon, Maybe winton woods next saturday?????

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