Back from New Zealand!!

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  1. Hello everyone!
    Well made it back from the land down under, New Zealand. First of all pic's do not justify the pure beauty of New Zealand. My wife and I toured the south island of NZ by camper van, it's the only way to see the country and I highly recommend it, if you get a chance to go. We were in the town of Moana, which is on the west coast of the south island, right next to Lake Brunner which is the lake that we fished. Did a half day trip with our guide Brent. We were fishing out of a 15' aluminum boat, had a outboard to get us where we needed to be and then would paddle the area that we were going to fish. The day started out with clouds and a chance of rain, there was a front already moving thru, so fishing would be tuff from the getgo. There are two rivers that move thru Lake Brunner, one flows in from the north and the other flows out thru the south west of the lake. We headed towards some brush and trees in the water on the north west part of the lake. Brent our guide paddled in as we started to look for fish, which was difficult to do since we had very little sun. We started with what looked like a very small minnow pattern, olive green with some black thru it, throwing a 5 weight rod rod 8'9" in length. Sighted some fish, they would take a look but not interested, had to strip fast to get them to follow, had one hit that broke me off in the trees. I was amazed at the size of the fish we were seeing, in excess of 30 inches, native brown trout. We tried this patter for some time, Brent the guide was a little worried about the bite, and with the weather pattern that was not helping. We then fished some drop offs from where the river entered the lake, see some but no takers. I don't know about anybody else, but looking at 30 plus inch brows just off the bow of the boat, and no takers can be extremly frustrating. We then moved off to the other river which is the out flow of the lake. We talked about steelhead fishing which our guide has heard about but has never done. Talked about how a strike indicator is used and very helpful, so we changed to a nymph and then put a dry fly above as a strike indicator. Saw some fish in the river, so threw out the nymph, the strike was so slight, all you would see is a tweak of the dry fly. Finally hooked up one, fought it for some time only to break off, it was a nice brown, our guide Brent was more upset that me when I lost the fish, in his words " mate, that was a whopper,we need to get another one of those in the boat this time". Well after breaking off 2 more I finally landed this one in the boat. Here's the pic.

    Not as big as the one's that broke off, but I was very happy to have landed this nice native brown trout. The saying at the lake is the brown trout die of old age.
    Here's a pic of what it looked liked while fishing, this beautiful pic was taken by my wife, who also likes to fish, thank god.

    Well the rain started to come down, it was now almost impossible to see any fish due to the water being disturbed. I was still throwing no matter what wanted one more before leaving, Brent the guide said to my wife, " I think you married a fishaholic". My wife replied, " there are a lot of other things that are worse to be addicted to". Well just wanted to share a little bit of a half day on the water. If you ever get to NZ, you want to fish Lake Brunner, there are a lot of fish there, primarly Brown trout, and all native, no stock fish, and if you get to Lake Brunner, look up Brent, he's the only guide on the lake and has been there for 18 years, he will put you on the fish.
    Hope you enjoy,
  2. james...I hate you:p

    i need to get married so I have an excuse to go to new zealand...nah
    that is still a beast of a brown and its one of the pretiest I have ever seen, its great to hear that you had a good time!

  3. Thanks bud! Need to go steelhead fishing again?? See you at the shop sometime this week, Later.
  4. Sounds like an awesome trip man, I must admit, I'm completely jealous.
  5. What a great picture & story. Where did you find the lady who likes to fish?
  6. I found my now wife at Starbucks, working on my laptop, gotta ask questions to find out what they like to do, I got lucky. They are out there man!
  7. Was a great trip, saved for a long time to make it there. I want to start saving again and do more fishing, this trip was our honeymoon so it was limited, but next time, much more fishing.