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    I know this isn't the Out of Town Thread, but I post a lot on here and wanted to tell you guys about fishing Panama City. We hit the bays and also fished the Gulf of Mexico.

    In the bay, we caught some groupers, speckled trout and mackerals. I actually hooked into a 5-6 foot shark too!! Didn't land him but fought it for nearly 35 minutes. Wasn't geared up for him, actually had 8 lb. test line, it finally broke once I started getting serious about trying to land him. Got a couple nice peeks at him though when he surfaced twice around the boat. I think he was playing with me, when he wanted to run, he took off big time!!

    In the gulf, 17 miles off shore, we had a blast catching red and white snappers. Freshest fish I have ever eaten. Four hours from water to stomach! :) Dolphins were a huge problem in both the Gulf and the bays. They would eat your fish before you could get it reeled in to the boat.

    We even caught a few largemouths in the canal near the condo. No alligators thankfully. :) Great time overall, now it's back to the kayak and the local rivers.