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  1. Had a great time in NY caught a bunch of fish, lost alot of fish, water was perfect. Seen some monster steelies get pulled in I have never had steelies make my drag screem so hard than trying to fight some of these fish. I had on some fish that wouldn't move they would make a couple runs then just sit and I found out you can't just tug and tug(big fish). These are the smallest fish caught all day.

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  2. Dirty Boy I have you NY reg book.

  3. Sounds like fun - nice fish. Why'd you only post pictures of the smallest ones?

  4. Because the others when you got them in were real tired, alot of times when you put them back in the water they would only go about 3 feet and relax for about 10 mins, also these are the ones I kept, I did keep another big female but it was dark out when we got back to the truck and a 7 hr drive is all I could think about.
  5. This is my buddie Greg's fish from NY.

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  6. Those look good, Carpman and I are taking of going up that way next year. It's less then 2 hours for me to get there.

    Thanks alot.

  7. Nice looking fish Brian. What type of setup were you using?
  8. Floating sax threw the deep ripps in the rocks about 4' to 6', the fly guys were not having a good day because you needed alot of weight to keep the sax down. Red, pink,blue for the steelies and chartruce for the browns I myself didn't get one but seen 4 caught I want a big brown bad plan on going back in a week or so.