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Back and still scheming...

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by stephsgotbait, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Ok guys, sorry to bug you but I've made progress on a car toppable boat. I'm thinking of getting both a new (used) car and dinghy to put on top of it. I'm pretty set on getting a 2003 Honda CR-V soon. I'm getting one without the honda roof rack since it only holds 75lb. The owner's manual says the car can hold 800lbs. I don't think I'll test that, though. :)

    I contacted Distinctive Truck in Columbus and they suggested a Thule roof system they can attach. It holds 165lbs. It's in my price range too.

    The dinghy I'm considering is a Baywalker 8', which is only 71LBs.

    I plan on short trips, no more than an hour's drive. Sorry to bug you with this again but now I have better details on the car I'm getting and a dinghy that is allegedly car-toppable.

    What are your thoughts? Do you think the 8' is too long to carry on a CR-V? (The width of the CR-V is 70", the dinghy is 52"). Any comments are gladly welcomed. Thanks very much! Stephanie
  2. Should have no problems, just be sure that the front tiedowns go FORWARD to where-ever you are tieing them. (Bumper, frame, what have you) It is a great way to keep mobility and still boat fish.

    Good luck and good fishing!