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  1. Just wanted to thank some of my new friends at the maumee river for the best year I have ever had at the river. Randy (swantucky), Vlad (hollandbass) and Steve. These guys are the maumee river kings, I've learned alot from you and still learning. I've caught 115 legal walleye in the river this year thanks to you guys, I know I'm below your catches but theres always next year, lol. Your all great people and again I thank you for all your help.
    Trust me people when I say it dont get any better than these 3 anglers !!!
  2. Me and you are about tied as far as fish taken but I usually get smoked by swantucky as far as getting a limit in time, that silly sunshine can fish! It’s been a great season for sure, always nice to fish with guys who know what they are doing too.

  3. While I didn't get the chance to meet either of you, I heard many stories from Swanny and Steve about ya's...and I'll catch up with you two next year for sure.

    Congrats on a great season to both of you. 2008's numbers for me were good as well, but pale in comparison to some of yours. For the number of times that I fished, I did quite well.

    The walleye run is close to being my favorite time of year...that is for sure.
  4. Great season dude! I brought home 88 Walleye so far this year myself. I've caught prolly close to 200 legals. My goal was 100 brought home, but I think I might come up short. I won't get to make it up during the week since They changed my hours at work. Instead of getting off at 330, I have to stay till 5pm:( I know Swanny's still catching them, how many you at Swantucky?
  5. I had my best year ever down there. It was great to fish with everyone this year. I fished with more guys from this site and walleyerun this year than I ever have, it was great meeting everyone. I don't want to try and remember everyone I fished with this year because I know I will forget someone. I think I fished more with Tim (hiddenlake) this year than I have in the last 3 or 4 combined.

    One of the funnier things was fishing next to Nathan from this site for 2-3 hours and OGF came up in the conversation. He mentioned he would like to fish with swantucky buddy Steve and I started laughing our azzs off. Nathan was like what is the guy a jerk or something?? Steve said you tell me, you have been fishing next to him for 3 hours.LOL We caught more than our share of fish and had enough laughs to last untill next year.
  6. I never knew the reach around was possible while fishing until I met swantucky
  7. All hail the honey brown HOMO????????
  8. baffalo berry tender!

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  9. :p :p :p

    that is some funny %^$#
  10. Nice work Vlad. You guys are all gonna be in trouble when I figure out this photo shop thing!!
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    Very funny stuff! can fish with the best of them that's for sure!

    We'll have to hook up for some slab crappies or some smallies sometime soon.

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    115? You went fishing 28+ times during the run and got your limit ea time? Hard to believe,TC1
  13. TC1
    I guess you have never fished with these guys and you have never met any of them. They are the best of the besty of the river fisherman and they all live close and hit it about every day during the run.

    Only bad part is alot of the river guys are GAY!
  14. Tall cool one, you want me to hang a few (hundred) pics of eyes from this season? I don’t fish weekends and I am over 100 just fishing 4-5 times a week. Limiting has become a problem last week and a half or so, before it was all quick limits. You’re not the first non-believer.
  15. my freezer was full halfway into the season, lots was given away in such fashion (as in big as$ bags).

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  16. Randy that buffalo was some rael funny shi$.I darn near died laughing!!!Why hell we all know that you'ns is da king of dem dar warreye.:D
  17. Hopefully we'll be able to. I'm in the process of studying and trying to get my CDL. With the way things are shaping up at my job, I'm losing too much sleep to not try and better myself. I'm guessing by mide/late June I should be all set. I had a good year fishing up there. I had alot of fun that day with ya CG. My only regret was not getting to fish with Swantucky atleast 1 time. I've been saying for 2 years I was gonna hook up with him but I just never made it happen. Randy, for sure next year then. If everything works out, I may make deer camp this fall.
  18. this thread is getting gayer by the minute
  19. 117 now, had to really work for them fish this morning and not one TUNA either,lol
  20. What's bad is I actually got his number too, and still didn't call him:p