Awesome day on the GMR!

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Salmonid, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Hard to believe some idiot would stand in the pouring rain for 3 hrs this afternoon and then tell you it was definately worth it!! That would be me, and it was indeed a good day for catching channel cats. TomC almost joined me but at the last minute couldnt make it out, his loss.

    The river was up about 4 feet and still rising so I decided to bank fish since the ramps would be closed. I headed to one of Dinkbusters spots, a deep mud bottomed eddy right along the bank, put out the lines with 4 oz just to keep it on the bottom, 6/0 Gama circles, frozen shad and quicky hooked up with a nice 3 lb channel, then about every 5-8 minutes, would get another hit. anyways, in about 2.5 hrs, landed 11 or 12 channels, hooked at least 3 more and missed another 8-10 good hits, it was truly one of the best days I have ever had for channels in 3 years of fishing for them! most were around 3 lbs with the 2 best going around 6 lbs according to my generic boga scale.
    Here are a few pics, sorry not any better but in the pouring rain was trying to keep camera lens dry.

    here is a shot up the bank, as you can see the shoreline was nonexistant.


    here are a few shots of 3 lbers

    and here are the 2 best ones of the day, around 6 lbs each.




    Looks like Februrary might not be so bad after all, it just takes getting out and trying to be succesful, kinda makes up for the last 2 trips when i took a skunking:p

  2. Man if the kid wouldnt have been sick I would have been right there with you. Dang. Nice sized channel cats. 4oz of weight, i dont think i have any thing close to that size. Where did you get the bait from???

    Let me know if you go again, id love to join you.


  3. looks nice, makes me wanna get out there.

    I got no clue how you fished in that weather :D
  4. H2O Mellon

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    Too bad you had to drive down there to find them. I wish they were hitting up here like that. :) It that were the case, I'd have to try and take a day of flex leave!
  5. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    WOW 12 channels in one day! That's awsome! Glad to see someones willing to get out in this odd weather we're having
  6. fisherman5567

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    Way to go Mark! Channels do love some ragin water! Glad to see someone made it out today:) Me on the otherhand made it to work and school.
  7. That makes me motivated now. Hope I get rained out again so I can try to catch something tomorrow. Nice job.
  8. If anyone wants to go out tomorrow anywhere Ill go im off. I got a 12 ft jon boat w/ 3 seats, two anchors fishfinder and trolling motor. Or bank fishing is good too.
  9. has anyone fished at john bryan? just wondering. i have hiked and camped there many times. i never have any luck there. i park at that shelter walk down the concete stairs and fish the river at the bend right there. never caught anything there
  10. H2O Mellon

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    I dont think you'd want to be out on the river in that boat tomorrow.
  11. you thinking about commiting suicide? :D
  12. Tall cool one

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    Is there a lid to that coffin Tom? Aint enough money to make me go out on that river right now!
    Tom is one serious catfisher. I took him wiper fishing and he stood there whuppin on them channels!Too bad he had to carry all that dead weight as I took him through he!! and back that day on the river ;-)
    Nice job Salmonid,TC1
  13. Congrats on the fish,don't catch them sitting at home do ya :)