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Awesome Catching @ Stix & Farm

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by HCrumpler3, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. Thanks for the comments guys. The closest campground is at the I-95 Exit and the Hwy 512 Exit. It is right behind the McDonalds & Chevron combo station.

    The Spillway was turned off and the catching got a little tuffer.

    Monday and Tuesday I had guide trips for Roy Carsen, Dan Carsen and Billy. The catching was very good!

    On Monday Roy and Dan came to fish a full day. I started with eight dozen wild shiners. We moved into our first spot in the Spillway area and catching was not as rapid as I liked.

    We moved to a second spot, again in the Spillway area. The bait was placed in a specific area for a specific reason. And the bass bit. The catching was good and consistent. A boat came up with three black folks; One male and two females. The male observed exactally where we were placing our bait and moved right on top and placed his bluegill bait right on top of our wild shiners.

    I explained to him that I would not go look for him on the lake and put my wild shiners on top of his bluegill bait- why would he do that to me. His comment was I did not own the lake.

    I try to show courtesy to all fishermen. I slow down to idle to boats fishing in the canals and I ask other bass fishermen to join in casting where I am when there are more fish than I can catch. This person ended up driving me out of my spot.

    We moved to another location in the Spillway area. The bite picked up and we caught a bunch of nice bass. We called it a day after about six hours of fishing. The total catch was 25 bass. 13 by Roy and 12 by Dan.

    Several of the photos are of "average" size of bass caught when fishing with wild shiners.

    On Tuesday Roy had a half day trip set up. I arrived at the ramp early. One boat was leaving early and was kind enough to give me their last six wild shiners. Combined with the four dozen I had this made four and a half dozen wild shiners.

    Roy brought Dan and Billy. We headed to where I wanted to fish. There was Scott Welcome having a spell of bass biting. We moved in to fish a very similar area, but, not to interfere with Scott. I made it a point to ask Scott to tell me if I was in his way.

    It did not take long for our bass to bite. We ended up with 37 bass. Several escaped close to the boat which Roy and Billy refused to count as caught. The largest bass was the last one caught. We left the ramp at noon and were back at 2:20 out of bait and 37 bass to the good.

    If the photos do not appear with this report go to www.HughCrumpler.Com and click on "Live Updates" to see the photos. If I may be of assistance please drop me an e-mail or call me on the land line 321-722-3134.
  2. thanks Hugh for the campground info. That's down right horrible what happened to your spot. I would've started singinging "green acres" among other songs as loud as possible & tried to spook the spot before I left.

  3. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    I think the Catking count's those as "halfs"....2 1/2 fish, etc.... ;)
  4. catking

    catking Banned

    JimmydaCat is wrong again :rolleyes: DA KING !!! counts them as " Quick Releases" thus, a FULL catch :cool: ......... THE CATKING !!! :cool:
  5. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    catch and release fishing they count.......
    keeping the fish they dont count.....
    i like to call it "long line release" :rolleyes: ..........jim :D