Autumnal Equinox Smallies

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by RareVos, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. RareVos

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    Had a blast on my first "moving water" float Sunday. Finally getting comfortable in the kayak, paddling more efficiently. This all equates to more time fishing and less time fumbling. Mind you, I still fumble... just not as catastrophically. The fishing was superlative. Got on the water at daybreak and was immediately on fish. Didn't really see any dinks, didn't see a single rock bass. Just good smallies all day long. I lost fish, boated fish, laughed, cussed, drank iced tea, and a had a great day. Here are a couple highlights.


  2. Awesome! Good to hear it.
    How's the yak?

  3. Columbusslim31

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    Beautiful smallie RareVos!
  4. StuckAtHome

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    Good deal, welcome to the yak SM club, very addicting to say the least!
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    Was that anywhere near the area you asked me about? That tree looks a lot like one where I had a lot of action a couple of months ago.
  6. looks like I will have to get a yak next season
  7. RareVos

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    Different flow. Still haven't figured out a good place to launch for the water we discussed. I'll be traveling the next two days for work... so by Friday I should be floating that stretch.
  8. RareVos

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    Nice and dry. Tracks much better now that I am figuring out how to sit in the middle of it. The paddle stroke is where I can make the most improvement... I can see a paddling and water safety course in my future. Next thing is an anchor trolley system to stick in the sweet spot a little more. I find myself right on top of the spots I want to be casting into a little too often.
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    Some nice smallies Rarevos. Good to hear the yak is workin out for ya. Have fun trickin it out to fit your needs.

    Someday, I'll get out and bust some smallies. lol

  10. Anchor system is key.

    Here's what I use: I use a 3 lb rubber coated dumbell from WalMart. Our theory is if that doesn't hold you, then you shouldn't be anchored there to begin with due to safety reasons.
    I use a 3/16" line that runs from my bow back to my seat. i installed those little half moon black deals to run the line through. Up at the bow, I just clip a cabiner onto my carry handles and run the line through it.
    Back at the cockpit, I use a "clam cleat" for easy adjustment....and also easy "get the entire anchor line off the yak, because OH SHAT it's stuck and the front of the yak is being dragged under by current......"

    I'll see if I can't dig up a pic.
  11. hey kevin...guess theres not much dragging over rocks in that thing huh...congrats on the nice smallies
  12. EE


    nice pictures, thanks for sharing!