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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by fugarwi7, May 22, 2007.

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    My 2000 Tahoe A/C unit is starting to blow less cold than before so I assume either some freon has escaped or maybe it just dimishes its cooling potential over time? I have checked around and most places want to charge around $100 to test for leaks and recharge. My question is, can I do this myself from store bought stuff, or should I just take the plunge and have a professional do it? Seeking advice from anyone who knows the hard core facts! Thanks!!
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    You can do it yourself if you have ever put freon in an a/c unit. They sell a kit at advanced auto parts and most others as well that you can use to re-charge it yourself. Most kits come with a stop leak/ sealer additive in a can included in the kit. also. At 7 years old I'd guess it just needs a good charge to make it like new. I've done many and 90% of the time a quick recharge works.

  3. if you do that and it does not stay cold and you end up letting shop fix it if you put leak sealant in your system let them know up front some of there machines will get messed up by certain sealants out there gums them all up. Probably have tiny leak some where and as dale said kit will usually do the trick if stays cold only short period of time then you need more attention and some of the newer systems can be a bear to mess with if you do not know what you are doing. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK ANY OF THE LINES WHILE MESSING WITH IT EXSPENSIVE:)
  4. If you buy a kit and do it yourself get the one with the gauge. You do not want to overcharge the unit. Most auto systems hold ounces of refrigerant not pounds.
  5. Like others have said get a gauge so you fill the unit to the correct level. It's really easy to do. I filled the ac in my commuter car 2 summers back and it is still going strong and only cost me ~$15 for the job and it took about 5 minutes ;) Picked up everyting I needed at walmart.

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    on another note: always run the a.c. at least once a moth ,even in winter for a few minutes. keeps all your seals from drying out,preventing the leaks and big repairs to fax all the leaks. and if needed take it to a good place like radair.
  7. Just to add the a/c unit is a contained system if you lost freon it is due to a leak. If you can't spare the extra $ then do the charge it is very easy to do. But remember sooner or later you will have to fix the problem.

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    Thanks for the responses...charged it up tonight and what a big difference it made...I will get pro service if it leaks out too fast...I guess it was worth $20 to do it myself...I tightened a loose fitting so I am hoping that was the source of the if I can just fix the loose nut behind the wheel:eek: