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  1. Been thinking of getting a GPS for the car and was looking at the Tomtom one XL-S which I can get for $249. Also considering Garmin in similar price range. Any comments on either brands for perfomance/accuracy/features?
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    I aboslutely love my Garmin...The text-to-speech function on my 350 is incredible. Garmin units update well, and are crazy accurate in my experience. Find satellites fast, and the POI database is sweeeet! Highly recommend.

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    Just got a Garmin nuvi 200w - POI's don't have phone numbers with them, and it does not have quite as an extensive POI database as the more expensive units, but the operation and accuracy of the unit is great! Does everything I will need.
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    Best bang for the buck... check out the Mio models.
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  6. I've had both- the nuvi 200 and the tom tom one. To me the nuvi is a much better unit. Much more user friendly than the totm tom. Also the tom tom keeps getting off track and I noticed a lot of the streets aren't on there that the nuvi had. I even updated the tom tom. ( you get 30 days from the time you 1st start it up to update for free) My work place bought them for me. On a sour note-- the nuvi went bad after only 2 weeks and they replaced it with a tom tom. They were both the cheaper models, but still worth the money. I just wished they would have got me another nuvi...........;)
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    I use my Lowrance H20-C both in the boat and in the car. The land features aren't as robust as many of the dedicated road GPS models, but the ability to use it in the boat more than makes up for any shortcomings.
  8. I have a Nuvi 260, have had no problems with mine, use it around here and on a recent trip to D.C.
  9. Garmin nuvi hands down.... super easy to use.
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    I love my Tom Tom one. It's not fancy, but I don't need to talk on my phone through my GPS. I have used it through-out the country and never had a problem.
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    I have a Mio and would NEVER buy another. It constantly directs me the wrong way through Chicago and other large cities. I also cannot update it with new info, for example the new strech of RT 30 West of Upper Sandusky and the numerous new stretches of highway around Chicago. I called them and they said maybe by July they would have an update available, at least that's what I think shesaid in the broken English she was speaking.
    Buy a Garmin!! EVeryone I work with, except me, has a Garmin and we travel alot.
  12. I bought a garmin nuvi 650 (with the 4.3" screen) off amazon - refurb. it arrived like brand new and I even qualified for the 2009 map update.

    It's amazing what it can do. Of the 4 - garmin, magellan, tomtom, and mio - I liked the simplicity of garmins menu best.

    I've used it to go to cowan lake, east fork lake, and hocking hills. Worked flawlessly, and only talks when it needs to.

    I highly recommend it.
  13. I have Garmin nuvi 750 it is SUPER I also have three earlier models only one had roads, two basic models. I guess you can see what I like the best. I have four and if I buy another it will also br a garmin.
  14. i have the nuvi. i love it. super easy to use.
  15. I also haev a nuvi and love it.
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    I have the Nuvi 660 and really like it. I have no experience with any other manufacturers.
  17. Another question - Can you enter or plan your own route on some or all units? I would like to be able to do so.
  18. Good question. Don't know about other brands, but my garmin streetpilot won't let me play with alternate routes the way I'd really like to when I'm planning a long trip. You can toggle a bunch of settings ahead of time to choose road characteristics and detours, but imo it's not as user friendly as the other main functions.
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    I think you can with the Nuvi's via your PC? Could be wrong, as I haven't tried. I know you can simulate routes, however it's in real other words, if it's a 7 hour trip, the simulation takes 7 hours.

    Oh, got my 350 refurbed on ebay with a 1 year garmin warranty shipped for $180. Considering the 200's new sell for $200, it was a steal. The POI's on the 350 have phone nums, which is real handy if you want to call ahead to check business hours, etc...
  20. I judged my pgs purchase mostly on the capability of the routing engine. There are cheaper options but what's the use if the directions aren't correct or force you to make lots of u-turns, etc.

    the garmin nuvi 350 was the best selling gps last year and the 650, is basically the same unit just a larger screen. Best selling with scads of wonderful reviews. You can't go wrong with the Garmin Nuvi series, IMO.
    Features? i think if you shop around, you can get a magellan with more features for a little less money than a garmin but I love the simplicity of the garmin interface.

    The old addage - get the best tool you can afford and that's why I ended up with the garmin 650. I wish the simulation mode wasn't in realtime as that makes the simulation somewhat worthless and I wish there was a way to plot the course and print out its directions via a computer. That way you would have a paper set of directions as well.