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Auto Bilge Pump Advice

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by chalkjockey, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. New Member here. I am going to have my boat docked all summer. Normally I would trailer it to the lake and launch it. run the bilge before loading up.
    I am looking for some advice on the most reliable auto bilge pump. I have a 16' Tracker Superguide.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. If your currect pump is manual, I would wire a separate external switch in parallel plus a second pump with and external switch. External switches should be wired directly to battery. I had too many self contained switches get fouled to trust them when I wasn't around.
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  3. I agree with everything ShortDrift said.....But the most reliable brand I have used is a Rule with an external switch. Size it to your boat / hose size.
  4. I have a "water witch" switch on my pumps.
    Haven't had any issues with it, seem to work good.
    No more of the old style float switches that randomly stick and kill the battery!
    I think you can find them on amazon for around $40
  5. Old boat had float style, pia. makes me wonder whats in the new boat..
  6. Interesting comments on external float swith reliability. I had them installed on my four Erie boats and never had a problem. they were installed to acuate at a level above the manufacturer supplied pump with internal switch. I did periodically clean the bilge on all my boats with a marine bilge cleaner in an effort to reduce the possible corrosion and flotsam problems. Worked for me.
  7. Thanks for all of the good advice. Probably will add on an auto version wired to the battery after I weed out all the good, bad and ugly reviews we find on every product nowadays.
    Good fishing to all..
  8. In my larger boats I always had 2 , one located in the stern above the rudder and one located mid-ship. These boats were always docked and 3way switches for pumps were always switched on. My Lund has an auto in the stern only but is always on.
  9. TAG24

    TAG24 Member

    Relating to this, i bought a 24ft WA the later part of last season. My first "big" boat. I'm keeping it in rack storage and everytime i was done i checked the bilge pump and nothing pumped out. Thought the boat was always high and dry. However when i winterized on a work rack, pulled the plug and was shocked how much water drained out. Sometimes waves will soak the deck and i even use the raw water wash to rinse when it gets messy. Never thought anything of it as everything drains out the scuppers.

    Is it normal for a boat like this to take on some water? Should i look for possible issues? Will definitely look into installing a 2nd pump.
  10. Water in the bilge is normal. The pump can't get everything out. I had a 24' Walk Around Cuddy and when I would pull it out the ramp the bilge would kick (because of the angle) and I'd still have water come out when I pulled the plug.
  11. Depends on what drive you have in it, an inboard will seep a bit around the packing on the rudder and shaft but thats all that should be in the boat unless it comes over the sides or in your case a wash-down. When the boat sits in the water the bow is low and the water runs to the front and will gather at the first bulkhead if it's sealed. Some have a drain hole that lets the water from the bow run to the rear to get pumped (when your running) and the bow is high. When you put it in the rack most of the time the bottom of the hull is level and the water will work its way to the drain plug. The pumps are made not to be tight on the floor so they won't pump all the water, some will remain. Like I said, I had one installed mid-ship and it would take care of the water that ran forward that the rear couldn't get. Water in the bilge is not normal unless you have a leak or enters from the top. I've seen bilges that were stone dry all the time unless it rained in the boat. You cant have enough pumps in the hull, better safe then that feeling when you see your investment half submerged and nothing squirting out of the sides.
  12. capt j-rod

    capt j-rod member

    Can you see your plug from inside the boat? If so put the plug on the inside rather than outside. This allows you to clean the bilge, put the boat on plane, pull the plug and let the crud run out.
    Water witch is worth the $$$$
  13. tomb

    tomb Tom B.

    Is there a deck plate in motor well? I get a little water in bilge from mine in heavy waves.
  14. TAG24

    TAG24 Member

    My boat has outboards. I will have to do some close looking as soon as i can get to it. I must say i enjoy all the conveniences of rack storage except for not having access in the off season. I have new electronics and other boat things I can't hardly wait to start upgrading.
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