August 1, Hoover Night Tournament

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  1. We Will Be Having A Night Tournament 9-5am Out Of The South Ramp
    On Friday . You May Trailer To Other Ramps On The Lake It Will Be A 50.00 Entry Per Team 5 Fish Limit 10.00 Bib Bass And 70% Payback.
    Based On 20 Boats Payout Will Be 400.00 1st 200.00 2cd 100.00 3rd And 200.00 For Big Bass.

    I Will Have Apps At Old Duthchman Bait And Tackle And Will Hand Them Out At Our Monday Night Bass Tournament At Hoover. You may also get the app on under the opens option.

    Any Questions Call Jami Norman 614-496-5212
  2. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    I have had some guys call me thinking it was to be held on the 4th due to that date being posted on Ohio Bass Angler. I will definatly let them know that it is on the 1st. :)

  3. Boy that would be fun. Night tournament on Monday night and go to work on tuesday. What was I thinking. I will bring some apps over to thursday nighter.

    Thanks Phil
  4. We are supposed to have some really warm weather this weekend so if you have never fished a night tournament before this is the time to do so. When fishing is tough the night bite is usually very good. Smallmouth show themselves and the size is better as well. we will be at the south ramp and start at 9:00.
  5. Any results on this tournament yet?
  6. I am getting too old and out of shape to fish all night with no sleep! We are going to have this event next year around the same time and we may do a alum or a river night tournament as well. Keep checking early next year for details. I will tell you this we will only fish till 3:00 am next year! This is the results from Friday nights tournament.

    1st Meier/Mcclary 5 fish 12.15 bb 3.96 207.00 + 90.00 bb =297.00
    2cd Frenchy/Chris 5 fish 8.88 108.00

    We had 9 boats and everyone had fish most bags were in the 7-8 pound range and the lake fished very poorly. Hoover is not the hoover I remember that is for sure. The night was quite no busting no bait on the surface. Winning patterns Rip/Rap and shallow points.
  7. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    Wish Gabe and I could have been there bro. I pounded the times in my head as well for the night open we had. 3 o'clock just works out better for us guys who cant get a nap before hand ! LOL