auglaize river?

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  1. i am going to be fishing the auglaize river tomarrow for smallies. ive never fished for them in rivers, only lakes/reservoires. i was thinking about starting out with a buzzbait or popper early to see if the topwater bite is on. if its not, i will try small spinnerbaits, rooster tails, grubs, and tubes, maybe jerkbaits. just wondering if these are good lure choices for river smallies? also, do you want to fish in the current? and find the deeper holes? like i said, im new to this so tell me if those wouldnt be good choices. thanks for any pointers.

  2. Ya I'm somewhat new to fishing rivers but I have been hitting the Rocky River hard this year. But you're right on the money that's what I use lure wise. I look for holes or slow moving area's behind some structure like fallen trees. Good luck I've had some really good luck fishing rivers this year but it's my first year where I've been to rivers more than 4-5 times.

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    I would add a small Rebel crawdad crankbait (Teeny Wee Craw?) to your arsenal. The shallow diver should get the job done in the river. Good luck!
  4. thanks guys, no luck, except a couple sticks bass lol. i forgot about a rebel craw, ive been wanting one for a while just have never got one. sometime me and my dad are going to take our jon boat out for a try and hopefully get some.

  5. my bread and butter was always a chartreuse shallow running crankbait or jerkbait. Look for fast deep currents that empty into pools. They will wait in the breaks and snatch anything flowing by. Any deeper calm pool is good too. Especially look for shad or shiners busting the surface.
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    My favorite bait on the auglaize is the frog pattern jitter bug ealy and late. have taken a few 20" fish with this bait. please remember a couple of those fish removed will really hurt and good luck. duv
  7. duv, what do you mean by "a couple of those fish removed will really hurt"? if you mean keeping them, we dont keep any bass, LM or SM.

  8. isnt really safe to eat anything from the rivers around here that I know of, they say top feeders, 1 meal a month, but if the state is willing to say there is that much contamination, I wouldnt even consider it, let em grow. I also think each river is rated by the state.