Auglaize river

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  1. Caught these two smallies on the Auglaize. The bottom one is just over 16 in.:B

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  2. Just kind of curious what area of the auglaize do you fish (county) i live in auglaize county and the river runs right behind my property and offers some real good smallmouth fishing. My personal best is 16" and they are a blast to catch.


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    Beautiful fish! I haven't fished the Auglaize yet this year, but I've been wanting to. I also am curious what area you were in. I used to fish near Wapakoneta, and also up around Buckland a few times. Caught a lot of 12 and 14" fish, and yes, the are a BLAST to catch!
  4. I caught them in Auglaize county West of Wapak off of glynwood
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    Nice fish. But seriously, why keep smallies?
  6. Are they safe to eat out of the auglaize river?

    I fished the auglaize river in the middle of wapak a long time ago. All I caught was trash- mitten and sweater. At least they weren't on a body, LOL.
  7. My Grandma and Grandpa love to eat them and since they do not fish anymore, I give them a few every summer.
  8. Both of thos e smallies are nice let me know when you go next will hook up and roll out! 419 -204-5929 jamie