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Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. OK Guys, dont want to start a poll but heres something to chew on. Gave a report yesterday from the fish erie board about a guy limiting out 4 out of 5 times on jumbos this year. He also made it a point to express his displeasure about the use of power augers saying that they scare away the fish. Now, I"m not getting on him, he is entitled to his own opinion but I have had people drill pretty close to me while a strong bite was going on and it didnt affect a thing, have also read that on certain times just crushing a piece of ice with your foot can shut them down. I myself own both a hand crank and a power, makes no difference to me. What do you guys think?
  2. I don't think they scatter the fish that much. I don't mind folks using them. I almost bought one this year, but got teh new Frabill Ice Cruiser instead.

    I can see using one when the ice gets to the 12 inch plus stages, but any less than that, my Lazer does fine. At least when the blades are sharp, right TxTransplant???

  3. TxTransplant

    TxTransplant Fishin Fool!

    That auger needs some blades Big Daddy!!! I don't know what was worse....trying to drill those holes with your auger or dragging that shanty back from the PI channel! WHEEEEEWWWWWW! Tough!

  4. While drilling thru 16ins. of ice on the Mississippi backwaters last week back in Iowa, even with the offset handle on my Lazer made me decide to finally replace the blades this year.
    I really don't think a gas auger spooks fish anymore than pulling
    a shanty over crunchy snow and ice, using spud bars, ATV's, dropping things on the ice, wearing cleats, or me passing wind while sitting on a 5 gal. bucket!
  5. Try fishing Erie when a hot bite starts and all the airboat guides
    show up at the same time. Talk about shutting down fish.

  6. Some guys on Buckeye Lake who fish the shallow flats swear that if the saugeye get slow, they drill holes to stir 'em up (and catch 'em)!

    I have a buddy that has been using a Sidefinder. He had a story about drilling holes and spooking fish further from the holes. Then they went beyond the fish and drilled holes. He alleges that the fish swam away from the new holes and back towards the original holes. Then he proceeded to catch those fish.

    I often wonder about fishing shallow water and making a bunch of noise--no different than banging around in the boat--which I am very careful NOT to do. I like to have my holes drilled before dark.
  7. Toboso that just made me picture guys putting on a walleye drive with posters set up as they drive em out of their bed, all wearing blaze orange of course. I have seen alot of times where the fish were laying bellys in the mud and an auger or quad wakes them up and gets them to wake up just long enough for a snack:)

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    I am trying to find the study that I read a couple of year ago about the decibal level difference BELOW the ice between a power auger and a manual auger. It was conducted in North Dakota and posted on one on the fishing sites.

    Any way, as I remember it, the decibel level was the same. The only noise that is transmitted is the blades cutting the ice, no engine noise at all. It makes sense, when you go swimming and go under water you can hear nothing of the surface nosie, even someone yelling, yet just tap on the bottom of a boat and the sound travels father in water than in air.

    A auger may or may not spook fish, but it's a pretty safe bet that if they do, it's the blade cutting noise, not the engine.

  9. my opinion on that is based on one experience only, so take it for what it's worth. i was heading out on white's landing in sandusky bay. walked through a pack of 20 or so fishermen and only saw a couple small perch on the ice. i went past the group a ways and started fishing. i drilled my holes and begun to fish, started picking up perch one after another, including a jumbo or two. i had 22 on the ice and thought for sure i would get another 8 keepers for a limit. a fisherman from the group i passed had seen my sucess from across the ice and made his way towards me. upon his arrival he said he saw i was doing pretty well and asked if i minded if he drilled some holes and joined me, i told him he could. he proceeded to start up his power auger and drill 3 or 4 holes, mind you the area i was fishing was no more than 3 to 4 feet deep. he dropped his lines and he and i sat there the rest of the afternoon without a bite!
  10. There was an article in In-Fish years ago written by Stange with Dave Genz. It was about herding fish through the ice. A half/dozen or so fishers would spread out and all would fish there way towards a small bay. Each fisher would cut a hole then fish for 10-20 minutes, move closer to the bay and repeat the process. By the time they converged at the bay, sonars would be lit up.
    I've seen this myself at Portage Lakes behind Bob's lake Bar on south Main Street. After Super Bowl weekend and the lake was crowded, the fish would have a tendency to move to the North end were there where fewer fishers and less racket.