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  1. Am looking at the Mora Hand augers and wondered what size most folks like to use? I see they come in 5", 6", 7",8" and 10" sizes? I assume the 5 " is too small and the 10" is way to big for panfish mostly so tell me what size you like and why>

    PS anyone have any probs with the Mora's? should my cheap butt be looking at another brand to get get more bang for my buck?

    Last question, I found some Power drill adapters so you could use a 18-24 volt drill but i am thinking that wouldnt work very well, anyone ever use them?

    Thanks guys, just waiting for some ice now

  2. Most guys use a 6. That is what I like, 8 seems to be to big too.

  3. DaleM

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    My gas powered and my hand ones are both 8". That size works great for just about all the different types of fishing you'll do.
  4. peon

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    i got a 8 inch mora and its about 7 years old and has the same blades on it and i just cut threw some ice like butter... well it was only 2 inches of ice but i like mine... also the 8 inch hole is perfect not to big and not to small.. i wouldnt want a smaller one.. seems like the old guys use the 6 inchers.. lol
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    Nope the old guys use the gas augers! Sold my hand auger years ago !! I can drill soo many more holes plus faster and no wear & tear on my old body !! lol !!!!!! Sorry Peon!
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    id have a gas auger if i had the money and had more ice the justify the cost of one..
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    Mike your right on! I have a hand one but haven't used it in 3 years.
  8. The power drill works pretty darn good. I made an adapter for Wave's auger it's an 8in and we get a lot of holes from a battery and have another as a spare.
  9. bass pro has them on sale this week end for $33.94. 6" or 8", if you want to save some money on it. I have a 6" and it works fine.
  10. I started out using a blue, Mora auger, seemed the blades dull pretty fast. Not bad for the price though. Then it was the gas monster, 3 hp , 10 inch hole, lazer mag express 3000. Not bad when the ice is 18 inches thick ( MI. ), then two years ago I bought a Strikemaster lazer hand auger, black one ,7 inch , man that thing will cut thru 6 inches of ice in about 10 turns. The key is NOT TO BANG DOWN, on the blades, knocks the bevel angle off. A lazer auger will run ya about 50 bucks, but let me tell ya, its a cadillac when its cold and ya need a few holes !!!;) Take care
  11. Ok, thanks for all the info guys, sound slike Ill be looking for a used Mora or Lazer 8" hand auger, anyone got one for sale?, cheap, blades in good shape, My one buddy told me to get new since the only reason someone would sell a used one is because the blades were shot and for the cost of a new one, would be a better deal then also getting replacement blades.

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    There are 2 augers in the marketplace currently. 1 is an 8" Lazer for $40 which is new. I have an Eskimo 8" used with brand new blades for $20. I'm selling it because I bought a new Lazer last year and it was $70. The Lazer is the best by far but I used the Eskimo for 5 years and it did fine just not as fast as the Lazer. I was proud of my Lazer till a guy comes out with his power auger and pops a dozen holes in a matter of minutes.
  13. The drill adaptors don't work on the Moras.I have a 8" Mora And I was very dissapointed when the adaptor didn't work.If I was you spend the extra $40 and get a Lazer.I have 1 on my X-Mas list.The lazer is alot better.
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  15. 8" Mora & Lazer Hand Augers... I've lost too many fish in the past with a smaller hole.
  16. I would purchase a 6" or 8" Nils Master Auger. I have one of each size and they are the best hand auger on the Market. They are light weight to carry and will drill 1 inch of ice per second without the noise and carry of a power auger, and they also come with a protective covering for when the blades are not in use. Spend $100 and you will get what you pay for and never regret buying a Nils.
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    I got an 8" Lazer last year and was really disappointed when upon closer inspection in fine print on the box it says "made in china" what a let down. I really didn't think it cut much faster than my Eskimo. Since it was a gift I kept quiet about that fact. If the wife woul've seen that on the box she would have never bought it. Shame such high quality products sell out and still charge higher prices. Where are these Nils Master Augers made?
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    A lot of the guys in Canada use Nils. I believe they are made in Sweden and imported by Nils USA. They are pricey, but I guess you get what you pay for. They must cut well if the Canucks use them because them boys get some serious ice! I don't think they even start fishing up there until they can safely drag their mobile home onto the ice. And with all the good beer they drink they can probably pee themselves open a hole when its only 6" thick. :p
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    StrikeMaster Lite is the way to go if you want to buy an auger for life time use. At 500$ it is fun to drill holes. Even had a guy ask if it was for real last year. It is sssooooooo easy to start and light weight, about ten lbs.