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  1. Last week after I was ice fishing, I brought my auger into the house to check the blades. Imagine my feelings when I noticed that one of the blades had a crack right through the bolt hole.

    After I setteled down I got on line and called HT Enterprises and explained to the service rep what the problem was and asked if he could do anything for me.
    He asked what the model and size were, and the shape of the blades were. He then asked for my name and address, then said he would take care of my problem.

    Two days ago I received a package (UPS) with two sets each for the HT Arctic Express and the HT Polar Ice Auger.
    Now that's what I call coustomer service.

    P.S. I sent the two sets of blades back for the HT Arctic Express Auger...
  2. Nice!! Good to hear any and all customer service experiences from out suppliers, manufactureres and distributors.

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    i just had the same thing happen to me, i called strike master and there sending me a new set, thanks for the info on doing that.. i think its from doing the plunger effect when drilling the hole, cause i treat my auger like its a baby. fish master
  4. Customer Service is getting much better...Now they are treating a customer as one and not like a $ sign...Glad to hear you guys got treated good...I had something happen to me that knocked my socks off...We purchased an Oster countertop oven ..E-Mailed them the Model number and told them I wanted to purchase an extre rack for it...They wanted my name and address...A week later UPS delivers a package ...upon opening it there was a new rack for the oven...Called them to send me a bill and was told that I had no bill...Now that's Customer Service.........Jim......
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    Stikemaster has been good all winter long... We had horrible problems with the Lazer - (more less I think it was us, not the auger) but they sent out replacement blades and everything no cost to us.

    We also got a gas auger from them that wouldn't start and they helped us get it started ... Ended up being they put the switch on backwards... The On was Off and the Off was On. Who would of thunk it?