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  1. Havn't seen much of a report for atwood lately. Anyone doing any good down there? Heading down for the weekend going to focus on eyes.
  2. Good Luck!!

    I've not been down for a little while, but I've not heard too many good reports...Hopefully you can change that trend!

    Let us know how you do!!

  3. mirrocraft mike

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    The eye report has not been the greatest lately ,but the white bass are boiling the top of water. I plan on going Friday evening for a short trip ..Hope to change that report a little .When you going ??

    Wickford you in for a friday trip ?
  4. My dad and myself is heading down on sunday. One of his buddies was telling him they did well last weekend with the eyes trolling around the drops. I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. mirrocraft mike

    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    Sorry Wick gotta to cancel this trip...

    After reading work e mails this morning . I have a all day meeting....These don't come often so i better attend it .We call them OSM (off Site Meeting) or better known as the golf course. This is as close as i will come to a pro golfer as i'm getting paid for some of the time .:p LOL

    Maybe next time we can rent your pontoon and have our OSM there .

    Its got every thing we need

    Sun deck
    soft seating
    Cooler I'm mean live well
    I think I'm on to something here Hmmmm
  6. I have only been down to Atwood a few times this year so far. Last week I found some eyes on the west marina point in 13-15 fow. The bite was sloooow. Keepers few and far in between has been the buzz from everyone I have talked to.
  7. We trolled for about 3 hours today around the drop offs. Caught 3 crappie 2 of em keepers. And one saugeye... small one. All in all a bad day.
  8. Hey mirro...I understand about the offsite meetings!! I tend to have some of those myself from time to time!!!

    We need to hook up out there soon though...Both for the offsite meetings, and for some fishing at ATwood...!!
  9. got some keepers this moning at atwwod (WHITE BASS) top water i was useing the strom minnow with a slow retrieve..lost a nice one though..the white bass seem to moving on the top at about 6:45 am and they get to the 212 launch ramp around7;05///hope i get can get me boat done soon...if anyone needs someone to go with them drop me a line........