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  1. Fished Atwood for a bit this afternoon. The lake was packed! Nothing to write home about. A few saugeye here and there and a perch. All caught casting/drifting 1/2oz. gold spoons 10-15 ft deep off the points. 16" was my largest saugeye. Anyone doing any good there as of late? Keeper saugeye should be pretty abundent this year you would think. I wanted to fish until after dark but the pouring rain and thunder chased me outta there around 6:30-7:00
  2. Been pretty busy this summer so I've only been out a few times...So far, I've only managed 1 eye in the keeper range (it was 16"), but I only had one, so back in the lake he went to get bigger...We were out for a few hours Thursday night and only ended up with 2 cigar sized eyes...Talked to a couple other boats and they had about the same results...Seems like they should be getting bigger in there, but they're plagued with a severe case of lockjaw!!!! Oh well, I'll keep tryin'...:confused:

  3. you guys ever have an empty seat? i'd like to get down there. haven't been on that lake yet this year.
  4. I often have empty seats! Many times I'm out by myself...

    Where are you Phate?
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    I sometimes have a open seat myself ..I'll keep you posted to my next trip with one.. Not the best hrs with me though Usually leave Louisville around 3ish and fish until 8p Got to leave around the best time Unless were slammimng them . I leave for work at 3:30am
  6. s.e. massillon. near walmart
  7. im there almost everyday havent seen no one really catching anything out there i went catfishing last night was there for 5 hrs and nothing but a few seems the lake has been messed up all year in the spring i caught a 18 in eye on a mister twister tail...people say they r catching the little eyes over in dellroy on the bottom with a crawler....good luck
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    Welcome to OGF Schmuck

    Thanks for posting... It will be nice to have another Atwood hook posting with us few ..Hopefully you can give us some good reports ..They have been REAL SLOW coming in this year.. Guess i complained to much last year about catching 3 dozen hammer handles every trip . Now I would be thankful just to catch a few :) LOL What you mainly fish for ?
  9. hey mike .can you get away one evening next week ..I'll try and show ya were to pick them up in the heat of the summer at the wood...let me know what day might work4 u
  10. mainly saugeye and bass.....also found out they r hittn on gold jig heads with white twister tails......will be at the rt 212 launch ramp pop over if u get a chance just look for a ford tarus (tan in color)
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    Thanks Sent you a pm.. Next week sounds good ..Plan on hitting Atwood Saturday morning if i can get mesquito out my thoughts
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    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    I'll look for ya .. I'm in a green f150 OGF sticker on the back pulling a red Alumacraft ..Keep a eye out for me

    Gold was my hottest jig last year for eyes except i was dragging meat
  13. chartreuse whistler jigs dragging meat (as Mirrocraft Mike so eloquently puts it)...was my biggest producer so far...

    hope to see you fellas out there...I'm in a blue and tan with blue top tuscany pontoon boat with fishing seats on the front...