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  1. Headed to the wood tomm tues will post my results. I have about a dozen and a half 3-4 inch creek chubs hope they will help me find some bigger fish.
  2. Wow what a tough day fished from 7a.m-6:30p.m.Only caught 32 saugeye mostly dinks did bring home 9 15-20 inchers.Also caught about a dozen crappie and brought 7 home 9-13 inches.When the wind was blowing which wasn't much caught fish when the wind stopped the fish stopped.All fish caught on homemade jigs and a piece of crawler or minnow.Only caught one fish on the creek chubs and it was a fat 18 incher.



    must of been a busy day by your self huh? wtg on the fish
  4. I had a buddy with me if i was by myself i would have only kept six fish.
  5. Sounds like a great day!! 32 fish?? That's the best report for Atwood I've heard so far. Hopefully that's a sign of good things to come this year for Atwood...I've only been out once, but hoping to change that in the next few weeks!!

    Great job eyecatcher! Hope to see you on the water!!
  6. WOW 32 Kinda find it hard to believe but anythings possible. I think the best day ive had down there on eyes is prolly 10.
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    were they in deeper water?.... structure?
  8. Most fish come out of 1-7 feet sand and gravel
  9. I fished Atwood Friday and Sunday. I caught 3 dink saugeyes Friday.. the biggest was 12 inches. Caught them all trolling...couldn't get any to bite on a jig and worm. Sunday was a rough one. Only fished for a few hours before I had enough...all i caught was a few white bass. Anyone else having trouble finding the saugeyes worth keeping???
  10. I fished Atwood Friday afternoon 11:30 - 3:30. Threw back several dink eyes, bluegill, crappie, and a 16" channel cat. Took home 14" & 2 12" crappie.
    Spotted tons of fish, maybe same ones circling, but could not hook up. 12fow at 5'-10', red road runner w/minnow and tight line crawler.
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    went down sunday with some friends. i caught one 15" saugeye, my best ever from atwood, one perch and 4 gills. caught all fish on a red & black floating jighead w/ 18" leader tipped w/ nightcrawler.

    another friend caught a dink sugeye on a minnow.
  12. I think some guy named Gary has put the smack down on them eyes:B this spring:p ...bigger fish have retreated to deeper water by now he says:mad: :mad:
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    We are headed to Atwood for the weekend. My mother recently built a house at the lake and I was wondering what everyone is for around the cemetary? It seems that the boats line up starting early and ending late. We have had limited success fishing the lake. Any pointers for saugeye/crappie/etc... would be very helpful!
  14. My parents to have a place out on the lake, this weekend fish shallow points or sandy coves. There are two submerged islands by the cemetry, there are fish there but it is way over fished, you may want to try the mouth of the west marinia as it goes from 20ft + to around 2ft.
  15. There is a flat near the beach that is sometimes good. Also a point on the opposite side toward the resort.

    Try trolling an Erie Dearie once in a while tipped with a nightcrawler.
  16. Howdy!

    I just joined to today and saw all the posts about my beloved Atwood.

    I've got a cabin near the resort. I've been going there since I was a kid. I love atwood but never did a whole lot of fishing except in my little cove. All I've got for a boat is a Pontoon, was hoping to get a fishing boat this weekend but no luck(Cash). If anyone's headin out to atwood tomm Give me a call tonight or tomm and let's hook up and go. I'd like to go around 7am-till at least 2pm. As of right now it's just me going fishing, so if you've got a fishing boat Pick me up or I can meet you somewhere.

    Call me Brian

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    I wish I would have read this post before we went out this weekend. We fished around the area for about 3 hours and only caught small saugeye. We did have some success with crappie in other areas. I am still trying to learn the lake, thanks so much for you help. Going to try again this weekend.