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  1. fished atwood sunday started off slow picked up about 11:30 caught 3 saugeye 18" 16" 16.5" lots of smaller eyes were caught from about 10"-13"range all throw backs and some nice big bluegills until some older man and his two younger sons decided to run there boat between me and the point that I was fishing and the bite was gone .left and fished another spot caught a few smallier eyes than went home about 4 pm not A great day but it was good most fish were caught off main lake points with jig and worm great day to be on the water got to finally try out my new lowrance 522c gps fishfinder and a new berkley lite action series one rod best investment ever. well got to go good fishing to all hope the lakes start to get better
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    Thats the best Atwood report I've read this year so far. Maybe its starting to heat up a little. Was planning on going Weds afternoon , but i think this cold front will keep me at home. Don;t want to burn up a fishing day when theres better days ahead.

  3. Wow Eye Finder!! Sounds like a great day!! What kind of boat were you in? We probably crossed paths at some time during the day as we were out about the same time??
  4. Nice job Eye Finder! I just realized who you are!!! DUH! We will have to team up and hit Atwood sometime or anywhere else you wanna go real soon. I gotta check out that new Lowrance you picked up. Paul was telling me you got one. See ya at work.
  5. I was in A 1990 sea nymph tx 155 alum. bass boat Iwas fishing alone
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    Were you sitting on a point for a LONG time in the front seat of the boat? I was with Wickford in his pontoon.
  7. EyeFinder, that is a pretty good day down there considering no one is doing squat on the eyes yet outside of a few dinks here and there. Pretty good day indeed. Why am I not surprized?:)
  8. Hey Eye Finder...I remember seeing you now!! We passed by you while we were trolling and you were still almost in the same spot when we came by a couple hours later...That spot you were fishing as NEVER produced anything for us!! Close to there we've done well, but not where you were...must be the time of year...

    Hope to see you out there again...If you see me (blue and tan pontoon with fishing seats on the front) stop by and say hey...I always like to meet fellow OGFers...
  9. I think I may have seen you as well eye finder...I was out there with my Dad....I'd say we got to the lake around 2ish and sat on the point around the corner from the beach looking for crappie with very little luck. We have a 1999 Lowe 170 creme/green colors. Moved on and tried to find a few more spots...wound up with 6 crappie...none worth keeping. Did anyone notice the gang of cars at the 212 ramp??? There was one parked ON the cement that the launch dock hooks to...the kids had BOTH ramps blocked when we wanted to take our boat out...not cool!!