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  1. Fished Atwood on the fourth. Lots of wind and boat traffic not to mention all of the people and noise. No stikes on typical bass hardware. Did catch one small one on a crappie jig. What is up with this lake. May be going back down later this moth for camping. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I would suggest casting whole nightcrawlers hooked once in the tip-top of the head (as if worms have heads) with a 16oz. splitshot about 18" up from the hook. Never glob the crawler on the hook. Let the whole thing hang and naturally move through the water. I use 8# Fireline with a 6 or 8# Vanish florocarbon leader about 10 ft. long or so and #6 baitholder hooks. Take plenty of crawlers because the gills and white bass will steal them plus you will throw your share of them off casting but you certainly will catch bass in between. Try the shaded water along the woods by the yacht club in the eve. for starters. I've caught some decent ones in there this year casting crawlers. Hardly cutting-edge information here but it does catch bass.

  3. Atwood can be like that. One day you slay them and the very next it's like the dead sea.

    My best productivity this year has come from trolling deep diving crankbaits at high speeds. Either #5 or #7 shad raps with enough line out to constantly bang the bottom. Speeds usually in the 2.5 mph range. When the bite is on I've been catching saugeyes, large white bass, large crappies and even LMB doing this.