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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by husky hooker, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. no reports??? action ....ya hear anything going on? hows the water level?
  2. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    I know nothing!!! Nothing !!!
    And that includes recent info on Atwood.

  3. Went down Friday, on the lake by 5:30. Put in at E. Marina fished the island on the north side and west. Went east to the first allotment on rt542 east of the cementary tried that riff/raff stones on the north shore. Then went to east of the marina and tried that rabble along rt542 until dust. I had a couple small hits but not anything to the boat. Used red road runners with green fuzz, green twister tail and maggots. Some guy leaving had 20lb cat, didn't see it but heard.
  4. Crappies are doing pretty good and haven't heard of any saugeye numbers yet.
  5. what are you calling the creek?
  6. Dan, Buddy at work went down yesterday. Tues. 20th. He went strictly for bass. He caught 8. Largest was 4 1/2# All largemouth were caught on crankbait. Said he was using a stop and go retrieve with bait digging into the btm. He tried tubes and worms with no success, before he stumbled onto the crank bite. No saugeye as of yet by anyone I know. Couple crappie here and there.....very tough bite right now. Water level is up only a ft. above normal pool. Water is muddy as usual.
  7. Otisdaddy

    Otisdaddy otisdaddy

    went down saturday. only had a small cat, puny crapie, and a perch that would be better suited as bait. oh yeah, and a 6 inch bluegill. very poor outing. worms did very little. tubes were a waste of time. going back to tappan for good now.
  8. hit atwood sat nite,got 19 crappie and 2 whites and a saugeye. all in the small range.9 to 11 in crappie and saugeye 14in. whites 10 and 11 inch. fished the coutesy docks till 3 am. threw lots of littler crappie back.
  9. cuwoohio

    cuwoohio Angler

    1st weekend off this spring....... very few days off at all . Hoping you
    guys left some for me........
  10. Hey Dan, you're catching tooooo many fish to start the year off, my large friend. Wayne and I haven't caught anything but MAYBE 3 fish this year so far. Went yesterday with him and couldn't catch a cold man. Water was 62 in one cove we like to fish but I guess the fish hadn't come in yet. Saw Dale and he said he had only caught 2 small ones.
    Harry is catching Eye's at my favorite place. I'll PM you. You others that know where I fish all the time when not in the boat know where I am talking about. I didn't want to say the name because of all the people that just come here to look and run to where the bite is.
    Well, Going to have my coffee now and get ready to go to O'Shay and launch the boat. I am meeting the ONN network there and they are coming on the boat and filming a fishing show for Ohio to be shown on cable Ohio News Network if the Editor in Chief likes it. Wish me luck man. I hope I catch at least ONE freekin fish today.
  11. better bring them up here...where we have fish....heh heh.....i just wanta ride!!!!!!heh heh