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  1. does anyone know of any bass clubs at Atwood lake or tournaments there. if heard they have wed. nighters.... any info would be greatly appreciated!:)
  2. I would check out the Ohio Bass Federation Nation website, there will be a listing of clubs throughout most of the state that are affiliated with them. If you can't find a club just click on the "officers" tab and there will be e-mail addresses for both North and South zone directors, they should be able to help you pinpoint any clubs that may be in your area. Best of luck.

  3. There is a club in Canton called the Atwood Bass
    club, but they dont fish any tournaments on Atwood, they use to have a open on Atwood once a year but I dont think they have it any more. As for the evening tournaments they are on Wednesday starting the first week in April, starting time is 5:00.