Atwood Sun. 6/10

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  1. Caught saugeye, crappie, white bass, perch, and bluegill dragging crawlers and minnies on plain hook and split shot. Lots of smaller eyes, the biggest were 2 twins at 15". Biggest crappie 11". Casted/jigged Hopkins no = spoons for a while with no results from the biguns. Resorted back to the fast and furious dink fest and soaked up some sunshine. Lake was really crowded. Still a great day to be out.
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    At Least you got to wet a line this weekend. Had the boat hooked up and lunches packed at 6am.Sunday Then my daughter got sick . Oh well s.. happens. Sounded like a good time. You caught just about everything in the lake. We'll have to meet sometime at the wood .
    I heard everywhere was a MAD house this weekend . Thanks for the report

  3. I was out Saturday night for a few hours, and my buddy ended up with a couple white bass, and a bluegill. We were getting a lot of bites and nibbles, but we just couldn't seem to hook up...

    Went out early Sunday as well, and my buddy ended up with 2 dink saugeyes, and a few misses...once again, nothing for me...hoping to get out this week and change all that though...
  4. Weather permitting, I'll be down at Atwood on Monday. I'm going to be throwing spoons and trolling cranks this time as no one will be with me.
    (It bores certain crew members unless a fish is caught every 30 seconds):D
    Hopefully I'll find some keepers. The little guys are everywhere. Drag a piece of crawler or a minnie on bottom with a little hook and you'll see what I mean.
    The white bass are real easy to catch right now too and fun for the kids to reel in. They fight pretty well. If I do any good on the eyes, I'll take some pics and post them.