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Atwood spillway

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by All Eyes, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. Hit Atwood spillway Monday casting jigs and got nothing. Walked down to the Conotton Creek fork and got one hit, either a pike or I snagged a carp for a second, :eek: but it was definetely not a saugeye. Fished there for a couple of hours with mostly jigs and casted a hopkins spoon for a bit. There was another guy tightlining with shiners who was not having any luck either. The water was a little high and stained yet. Just thought I`d post and let you guys know. Has anyone been catching any saugeye there yet?
  2. Is this a good time of year to catch saugeye below the spillway at atwood? Do you fish right below the spillway or can you walk a good ways down from it? Thanks for any info i am looking to get out of the house and do some fishing.

  3. im gonna go to atwood spillway tommorow maybe one of you guys would like to meet me there and do some fishing for pike or saugeye im gonna try and walk down to the forks and give it a try there anyone whos interested pm me . :D
  4. looking for a place closer to my house, like in NE ohio. Is the spillwat at atwood lake a pretty good spot for saugeye's? And when does it get good for fishing and what type of lure/bait are you using? Thanks
  5. I used to fish down from Atwood spillway at Conotton fork quite a bit but not nearly as much anymore as productive trips seem far in between. I still go more due to cabin fever than anything else. The bite there is elusive, especially since around 95 I have found, but I do know that there are saugeye and northerns in there, and of decent size, and I also know that they have to eat. (Okay, so I`m a friggn genious over here) I think that there are probably spots along the Conotten Creek where fish congregate, but it would take some hiking and trial and error to find them. Also, I`m not sure who owns some of the land that you`d be on and getting the farm dogs sicked on you isn`t worth it. LOL! In the past, I`ve caught fish mostly on chartruse or white 1/4 oz. jig fished slow and also roadrunner jigs seem to do pretty well. I usually use 2" powerbait grubs and I usually dont tip my jigs as I find it doesn`t seem to help like it does in the lakes in spring. Also, expect quite a few snags due to all the trees in the river. Wet wood finds hooks and doesn`t let go. Hope this helps
  6. I grew up by Atwood spillway and still live by it and I 100 % agree with everything All Eyes said.