Atwood spillway today or tomorrow

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  1. wanting to hit the spillway at atwood this weekend i played hooky from work today i might try and go this afternoon whats the water like below the spillway is it flooded or can you fish it and has anyone been down there lately i dont want to go if its not worth it!
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    Doesn't look too bad right now. Use these links as a guide. The first is a summary of the area lakes. Scroll down past the map to see current lake levels and outflow (spillway rates). The second provides more detail, including the max outflow level. Between the current and max, you should be able to approximate the flow.

    Since many of the streams downstream of atwood are flooded (see further down the page on the 2nd link), they might hold atwood back a bit to let those streams settle -- then "look out". Not a bad idea to check these links after a visit to your favorite spillway and make a note of what you saw vs. what the web page said. From there, you can determine an outflow range that you consider to be 'prime'.

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    Hey saugeyesam, also check on the southeast section about Atwood.......people post Atwood in both sections! There is a post in there now about atwood on the 2nd, but no update on the levels! Hope this helps though! :)
  4. took a walk at the spillway at atwood this afternoon took some pics i will post them later on tonight water was higher than ive ever seen down there wouldnt even know where to begin fishing i also went past bolivar dam it didnt look to bad on my way to atwood the water was all the way up to the road on 212 just out side of zoar. never seen it that high before . i may go back tomorrow i dont know. i might just go rabbit hunting instead. my beagles need run . :confused: