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  1. i've been reading on here as of late that the white bass are hitting fairly good at atwood. im planning on going down saturday morning early. and fishing till noon or one o'clock. mirrorcraft mike has kinda clued me in to where too start looking for them but i was wondering are they down deep or busting the surface? what should i use as far as bait goes live bait or artificial. i usually am a strictly saugeye fisherman but have caught the odd white bass while trolling for eyes so this whole white bass thing is pretty new to me im just wondering if its as fast paced as people say it is when the white bass are schooling up. will shad raps work or maybe a floating rapala just wondering since i may need to stop and pick up a couple lures. well thanks in advance for any help. if i do any good i'll post pics.
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    we troll gold, silver and chart hot-n-tots in 20 feet of water by the east side of lake by the 212 ramp.

  3. I went Monday evening for the white bass and only caught one. I stayed on top of large schools throwing cranks and spoons. They only came to the surface one time all night and it only lasted about 2 minutes. Good luck!
  4. Went there 2night to catch anything...The White bass were surfacing a few times maybe 4 times we saw them for about 30 seconds each time. only managed a couple of them, They Just Wouldnt Bite. ANYTHinG.
  5. Start looking by the dam and work your way down the lake, staying mostly in the middle.

    The early morning bite (6:30-7:00) has been better than the evening bite. If you want numbers, keep the lure small (top choices are a white Rooster Tail or a Berkley Blade Dancer). Retrieve slow so it is not completely on top. For fewer but larger fish I've had good luck with shallow #5 or #7 Shad Raps (silver/black). I got a Fish Ohio class fish on a #7 the other night...fought like a 5 lb largemouth. I'm sure other things will work, but haven't tried them lately.

    Watch for the seagulls acting crazy (diving and flying repeatedly over the same area) then get there ASAP. Don't drive right into the surfacing fish, but stay back at casting distance. They will usually only stay up for a minute or two, but keep casting the area for a few minutes after they go down. You can usually get about 1-3 fish out of a surfacing school before they go back down again. Then keep looking for the next active school on the surface.

    Clouds seem to help. If the fish are surfacing when the sun comes out from behind a cloud they will be gone in a heartbeat.

    You can troll for them when they are not surfacing. Deep #5 Shad Raps (silver black or silver blue) work well. Unlike saugeye you will be trolling the middle of the lake more than the contours. And unlike the eyes you don't need to be banging bottom to catch fish. FAST boat speed (up to 3 MPH) help. These fish are fast and strong for their size...they won't have any trouble chasing down a Shad Rap at 3 MPH.
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    KINDA Clued you in ??? WHAT !!! You don't like my OLD SCHOOL GPS coordinates ? ... LOL ... Words like close , across from , near , seagulls , between :p I Agree with saildog A small rooster tail is the way to go. He also gave some nice pionters. I think you could throw anything that has a flash to it.. Have fun out there..
  7. awe dont take it the wrong way. i actually have a 4 ft x 5 ft contour map of Atwood lake that is an actual corp of engineers map (yes its an original and no i cant say how i got it;) ) and i had to get it out last night to see exactly where you were talking about cause its been so damn long since i've been down there i almost forgot where things were as for the rest of your info that helped alot i will have to stop and pick up a few shallow diving shad raps and a few rooster tails i have a few of those blue fox vibrax that are like an inline spinner but they are all dark blue or black and kinda beat up actually i think they need replaced but i will try them as well. its suppose to be cloudy saturday so that should help what about wind does that make a difference? anyway not to take away from Mikes Info guys he did give me quite a bit of helpful tips. thanks again guys and if i do any good i will post pics.:B
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    No need for that.I didn't take it wrong .I stink at giving directions. By land or Sea. Don't know South from North from East from West..Was really just making fun of myself..

    You hide a dollar and tell me to follow certain trees ,cabins , shore lines , buoys , even the bottom and I'll find that dollar..Tell me you placed it 20yds due North and I'm lost.... LOL

    I think the wind would push the minnows from the center of the lake into coves. I've seen most in coves right off the main body windy or not. Trust me you will have no problem seeing them..If it was white capping that would be a issue..

    Would love to take a peak at that map...
  9. I hit it again last night. One small boil around 6:00 (got one fish out of it on a small chrome rat-l-trap), then nothing. The bait fish were all around and surfacing (they're 90% baby shad actually...not minnows...I have the cast net to prove it), but no white bass busting them. Then around 7:00-7:15 all hell broke loose and I boated about 20 of them in ten minutes. The small white Roostertail was on fire...every cast as quick as you could cast. By 7:30 it was over. The time of the night bite seems to be shifting a bit from day to day and you just need to be out there and be patient.

    The Roostertail does have one big advantage over the crankbaits and that is a single treble hook. These fish flail and fight so much that it will take you a lot longer to unhook the two trebles of a crankbait and get back in the action. With the Roostertail you just grap the treble with your pliers, give 1-2 good shakes and off it comes. You can very quickly get back in the game while the fish are up.

    I was using a 6' ultralight with 4 lb test and it was a hoot. I could have caught more with a heavier rod and 8 lb test, since I wouldn't have had to play the bigger ones as much, but the UL is just too much fun for these scrappy little dudes. The light line and relatively long UL gives you some great casting distance with a little spinner.

    I'd suggest you chase the white bass hard for the first couple of hours in the morning, then consider either LM bass or saugeye fishing after that. It seems like when they turn off, they are very off.
  10. Trolled from 8 until 1:30 today and pulled 17 fish. 11 White Bass, 3 Yellow Perch, 1 Crappie, 1 Bluegill, 1 Saugeye. All fish on crawler harnesses at 1.5 mph. The White Bass seemed to be over deeper water, 18 plus feet deep. Five of the White Bass were pretty nice, 11-12 inches.
  11. You might also want to try some small 2" or so casting/jigging spoons. I like 1/2 oz. or lighter Hopkins shorties, Little Cleos, Northland Forage spoons, Bass Pro Strata, etc.You can work ALL depths with them and they cast a mile. A fast retrieve with short but constant pauses is the ticket on white bass. If you see a boil cast over it and "hop" the spoon through keeping it somewhat close to the surface. The action is in the short pauses of your retrieve when the spoon drops. It's also when they get bit. A streak flashes past the fish above them, and then stops and starts fluttering down in their face reflecting light and looks like a struggling baitfish.
  12. those white bass sure liked the #5 shad pattern shad raps my wife and i went down this morning and were on the fish by 6:30 had 20 or so keepers and were home by 11:30. i bet we caught 50 or better, one thing we did was take the forward treble hook off the shad raps my first fish a fat 18 incher buried both treble hooks in my thumb & palm so we removed the front trebles and all was well after that caught them between the marina bay and picnic park at the dam along the north shoreline fishing in 23 ft of water we seen them come up and boil for about 3 minutes but by the time we made it over there they were down so we just started casting and kept casting and going back & forth along that stretch of water watching the sonar for pods of bait fish which were very large at times i've never seen it like that before at Atwood. so thanks to those of you who gave advice we appreciate it. i did manage 3 saugeyes and one decent perch all fish were caught on the raps. the perch was about 11 inches long two 14" eye's and one that went 19 almost twenty i turned them loose. we only kept the white bass i figured it just didnt seem right keeping them since some of you guys have been hitting Atwood all summer and not doing so well on the eyes so take comfort in knowing there as least three in there that go more than 10 inches. lol! i'll try and get the pics up as soon as possible i have to get ready for our football game tonight against Solon. thanks again you guys it was a fun morning for the wife and i, talk to you later! GO PUPS!;)
  13. Just curious, but were you throwing the deep or shallow shad raps?

    Before you fry those fish, make sure you remove any/all red or dark meat and soak them in ice water with a little salt overnight. I rinse and resoak mine 2-3 times to get out as much blood as possible. You will be left with white, flakey filets that are not at all "fishy" and hard to tell from walleye or perch.

    I think white bass are often overlooked by most fisherman. Most have never tried eating them and the ones that have probably had a bad experience because they were not prepared properly. It's not takes about 10 seconds to turn a "bad" filet into an excellent one.
  14. we got them on the deep diver , and as far as cleaning the white bass i have only ever cleaned them once before this weekend and i removed that red meat from the center of the fillet then and i did it this time too i read on here a long time ago about that. very clean and no fish taste at all we fried some up last night. they were excellent. now i dont feel so bad about turning that 20 inch saugeye loose saturday.
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    Glad to hear you had a nice trip..Where did you release that 20 incher ?:)
    Nice to hear about a few decent eyes caught. I was picking up a few under the schools of whites when ever i could get my bait down to them..Those whites sure had the feed bag on !!!!
  16. It seems like fishing at Atwood has improved since I sold the cottage and moved. Could it be that I turned off the fishing when I was there?;)
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    Hey starpup

    There for awhile i thought you took all the fish with you.

    Hows Lake Tomahawk treat you?
  18. Actually, the fishing has slowed way down here since I came. Does that tell you something? The best fishing was early using those lures Eric makes over at Atwood Boats East. Sure wish he would start making and selling them. Until I ran out, I caught walleyes, bass, crappies and bluegills on mine.