Atwood Lake Channel Cats (NEOCATS Tournament) 8-25

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by tcba1987, Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    well i fished Atwood with my buddy Joe for the first time for cats in a couple of summers, went back to my normal spot and was hoping the fish were still there. the tournament started out at 6 pm and i set up my 2 rods and sat back expecting a slow bite at first, Had my first channel cat around 7 oclock on a piece of "scented" chicken livers that i made up.............a decent fish right at 20 inches long. well around 915 i had another good run (this time on cut shad) and landed a fat 21 inch fish. i was really surprised by the quality of the fish we were catching !!! well from then on the bite died me and joe sat for along while till i got the next bite around 1230 and landed a nice 19 inch channel on cut shad, i ended up catching another channel alittle while later around 1245 on cut shad that was 20 inches and losing another fish that i had on and saw that was about the same size. from 1 am till 430 am when i left the bite died we had NO other hits that ran with the baits just some picky bites. overall i had a good time and would like to fish Atwood again sometime SOON for cats !!
  2. sounds like a pretty good evening! we fished a catfish tourney about 2 weeks ago at Atwood, and the bite that night was about the same as you explain below...Too bad about the jerk in the john boat. Hopefully he got skunked! Catfishing at atwood has been very good for the past couple years, as there are tons of channels in that lake...I've seen pics of nice flatheads in there too, but they are quite hard to find, at least for me...I'm still lookin' though!! I really wanna catch one of those beasts this year!

    I was really wanting to fish that tourney, but schedule just didn't work out for me...

  3. jjmac


    Good to hear the bite has been pretty good at Atwood. I seen on the neocats sight that someone caught a 16 pounder during the tournament, thats a nice fish anywhere. Probably turned out to be the guy in the blue jonboat huh? Wouldn't that be something! I think maybe I would have had to put a couple 3 or 4 ounce no roll sinkers in the front seat with him if you know what I mean. It's a shame that these guys have to ruin it for others. Congrats on a good night TCBA.
  4. I personally know this "jerk" in question, and must say I smell some BS. This fellow fishes in many tournaments across NE ohio and told me about the incident described by tcba after reading it on these forums. He is quite upset over this, and he says it's total bull. He shut off his gas motor, and dropped his trolling motor in and motored quietly beyond the spot that was being fished. Matter of fact he says he went a good ways beyond the area being fished as to not bother the area. After catching some bait he then proceeded to ease out of the area with the trolling motor back into the main lake area before firing his gas motor. I believe him as I have fished with him a few times and have never seen the behavior that you describe in your post tcba. Im sure you have blown things a little out of proportion, as he is a fine gentleman and outstanding fisherman! By the way he did quite well in the Atwood tournament.
  5. neocats1

    neocats1 Team Catastrophe

    Hey, there is nothing to worry about here. This makes the second complaint I had about our Atwood tournament by the same guy. This makes a total of two complaints that I have received all year about our trail, all from the same person. I don't know what the problem is, but find someone that has fished a NEOCATS tournament and ask them what they think. I put a lot of time and effort into organizing this trail and I don't need loose lips spreading BS. The First and Second Place teams at Atwood had never fished a NEOCATS tournament before and nothing was said by our regulars. THEY ARE PROFESSIONALS, unlike some people.
  6. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    i dont know im not gonna get into a full blown arguement about it...........i know if i were in the boat and there were two bank anglers fishing a bridge i would not pull in on them and throw a cast net on the side of the bridge that they were fishing on in fact i wouldnt even go on the other side of the bridge throwing my net around and banging the net off of the side of the boat for well over a half an hour...........thats too close in my opinion !!! we were catching fish until that happened !!! YES he did do well in the tournament ??? im not sure what that had to do with any of this..................congratulations to him on a BIG channel and a nice stringer of fish . I dont think i came on here giving exact descriptions of his boat or mentioning his name .....did i ??? i simply posted a complaint hoping that maybe the next time hed consider not throwing so closely to people who were fishing and catching fish !! i will remove my complaint on my firts post about the noise and disruptuion ........i guess us guys who are stuck on the bank have no right to voice our opinions when someone crowds in on us !! i think in bass tournaments they have a 50 yard rule or something where you arent allowed to crowd in on another boat............maybe that only applies to boat anglers ?? SORRY i spoke up !!!

    Id also like to say this is not meant in anyway to portray the NEOCATS tournaments in a negative way !! Jeff the tournament director runs a good tournament and has done a great job with his club !!!
  7. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    i smell something too !! its kinda odd you just joined today and are calling me out on this post isnt it ???
  8. If you believe Im calling you out that's fine. Maybe it does seem odd to you, and I can understand why. The guy in question reads these forums all the time as do I, and we have never registered or posted never felt the need to, but when he read your post he said that's not the way it was. I told him to speak up, but he did not feel it was worth it, so I took it upon myself to say something for him. Obviously you have your opinion, and you chose to put it out for everyone to read. I dont think it was an accurate description of what happened, but that's going on what I know about the guy. True I was not their to see what actually happened, but I do have a past with this guy, and find it very difficult to believe your description of what took place. I guess I should have taken the High road like he did and not lowered myself to your level. I apologize and will just continue to read and ignore posts such as yours in the future no matter who it may concern.
  9. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    i dont understand the lowered yourself to my level you know me ??? as you said you werent even there to "SEE" what actually happened. i have a friend who was fishing with me who is a member here too........he could verify my side of the story but like he said hes not gonna take the abuse from you and others. you know........ did you stop to consider........... that your buddy was in a hurry to get bait and came in there alittle too fast and that he made alittle more noise then he intended to make banging his cast net off of the side of the boat 50 times and MAYBE even after reading this he realizes that he did get alittle too close and make alittle bit too much noise?? I doubt that he sees anything wrong with what he did but hey miracles happen. id call what you did on this post "calling me out" ..............YEP when its your first post and you werent even there to see what happened and you come on and basically call me a liar.....i think that IS calling me out !!!

    I for one would not throw my cast net anywhere NEAR where people are trying to fish, especially from a boat where you can back out from the bridge a few 100 ft or so and still catch just as many shad as you can right next to the bridge !! but thats just me...........i try to show courtesy to other fishermen when im on the bank or in the boat !!! i know he netted probably hundreds of the smaller 2-3 inch shad and continoously dumped them back in the water ......guess he was looking for bigger baits ?? thats why it took him so long to move out of the area and as i said it KILLED our bite for quite a while !!! me and my partner WERE trying to win the tournament too and didnt appreciate it at all. probably 25 other boats and 5-6 boats that were in the tournament came through the bridge quietly and noone stopped and threw their cast nets in there where we were fishing !! im not sitting here complaining about them BECAUSE they were respectful and quiet and idled through the bridge area !! i just thought it was pretty disrepectful and pretty unprofessional (as i was called earlier), ive said enough about it and will NOT bother answering anymore of your posts !! it is pointless.....after all........i was just one of them dumb redneck bank fishermen who dont deserve any respect or courtesy !!!
  10. Let's just say I know about you. I did not intend to call you out, but from past experience have first hand seen how some posts on these forums do get blown way out of proportion. I for one would not fish next to a bridge where the lake is bottle-necked down and not expect to have some kind of disturbances thru the night. Having said that I would not appreciate someone pulling in on me and causing a disturbance such as you have described, but then again I may have mentioned it to him in a nice way while it was taking place, and not waiting to get behind a keyboard and then embellishing the story maybe a little bit huh? In no way did I ever imply that you are a dumb redneck bank fisherman who did not deserve any respect or courtesy. Don't get that one at all. Is that the way you feel you are looked at by boat fisherman? I fish from both land and boat and try to be courteous to ALL fisherman whether they are shore bound or fishing from a boat. This has gone far enough and I too will not bother answering any of your post in these forums. Sorry for your bad experience at Atwood, and may all fisherman treat you with the respect and courtesy that you deserve sir.
  11. neocats1

    neocats1 Team Catastrophe

    Some people do not like confrontations, which is my job as the tournament director. I am suppossed to listen to all complaints and then investigate each one. I do this, as our rules state, to make sure there are no problems arising after everything is over. In my opinion, this matter has been settled and no further argueing should be done. I have contacted both parties involved and have heard both sides of the story, including a third side which was not posted here. We should get back to the origianl post which concered the fish that were caught. I have also asked that the moderators close this post to prevent amy more bickering.
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