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Atwood Lake 1/9 3-?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Action, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. My neighbor caught 2 saugeye and 3 bass and some little crappie today.
    I'm leaving right now (3:00) to fish the same hole with him. I'll post my results when I return. 15" 16" Saugeye 1 - 2lb Bass
  2. fished the spillway today not great not bad either caught 3 eyes and a small pike 15" 15" 18" eyes and the pike was 23" c&r on all the fish i caught them all on a chart. &whit 1/8 oz vibe first time ive ever used one im hooked these funny looking little lures are amazing cant wait to see how they work through the ice.

  3. hey saugeye sam , were you fishing right where the water comes out or down farther? I'm probaly going to fish there some morning this week.
  4. Its flooded down below Marshall. I fished the lake near the East marina.
    Had a good fish on right when I started on a twister, after a couple minutes I lost it but I'm almost positive it was a catfish. Caught a bass just under 3lb and a 6" crappie both on big chubs within the first 30 minutes and then it was dead for 2 hours. Theres been some saugeye in the shallows near the creeks where there wasn't even water last week. My neighbors' been catching them between 11 - 1 while I'm working :(
  5. i walk down as far as i could go and fished off the bank and caught the pike on my second cast took me about 10 min to get him in no net made it tricky 6lbb test no leader im surprised i even landed himwent back up to spillway and fished right in the outlet and caught the three saugey in about 2 hrs time just kind of casting on slow retrieve and a soft twitch once and awhile vibes are awsome fished large minnow under bobber had one hell of a hit but lost it on the hookset i think it was a pike maybe cause i lost my hook .
  6. here are some photos that i took friday when i went down to check the water level.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]