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  1. mirrocraft mike

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    Anyone been chaseing eyes at Atwood lately. Been a couple of weeks for me .I'm just checking for any reports. Good ,bad ,ugly . .Plan on hitting the water tonight for a few hours .Hope to be on the water by 5p. If anyone is going Stop by and say hey Red Alumacraft 50hpYamaha 6 kicker
  2. What happened to the Mirrorcraft, upgrade already? I'm still running the heck out of that Evinrude I bought off of you last year. Have not been to Atwood in a couple of months due to a lack of success. I got 4 keeper eyes at Milton over the weekend, which is 4 more than I have ever caught at Atwood. The last time we went down to Atwood we did manage a few largemouth, though. Good luck trolling that jig tonight and let us know how you did.

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    Last week, Wickford and I caught a couple. The bite was not as good as the week before.
  4. Where at in Milton did you catch the eyes? What were you using what time of day? We havent caught anything there for several weeks..Thanks
  5. mirrocraft mike

    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    Welcome to ogf I was like Who is this guy ?? I have only met one other guy on here. Besides a few lurkers that saw my ogf gear . Then seen the Evinrude comment . That was one hot running motor Glad to hear it's treating you as good as it treated me.My buddy in Canada did some extra work to that motor .There wasn't a jet skier or any small hopped up 25hp boat on Atwood that could touch it. Yes a unplanned up grade on the Mirrocraft. Thought i was getting a divorce. Had to sell all the toys. Things worked out with the wife ,but now i got years of boat payments. Yes i'm very happy with the boat payments. You still floating in the boat you made ?? That rig was way to cool . Maybe we could met up on Milton sometime. Only fished it twice so may need some pointers there. Any size to the eyes at Milton ? Getting burned out on Atwood
  6. The eyes are starting to pick up at Atwood, however the size stinks! We caught 7 last night in about 3 hours or so, but all were 10-12 keepers...

    I just can't seem to find the big ones!!
  7. Mirrorcraft Mike,
    Yeah I was able to put the clues together to figure out it was you. I have watched the site for awhile but just joined recently. I am still running the homemade boat with that Evinrude. I got a depth finder with a speed transducer this year and that sucker will go 35 mph on flat water. Spending most of my fishing time at Milton lately. The 'eyes have been small out there this year, but seem to be picking up a little bit lately. The real bonus about Milton is that I also boated two musky while trolling for walleye over the weekend, as well. I'd be happy to hook up at Milton some time. Send me a pm when you're thinking about getting out.
  8. TWD67,
    The biggest thing I have changed in my program at Milton lately is changing from a hot n tot to a shad immitator. I caught my fish on Bagley small fry shad in about 10 fow this past weekend. I also saw a guy pull 3 or 4 just before dark on Sunday using a bottom bouncer/crawler harness setup. I have also sped up my troll lately. Early in the year I was at 1 to 1.5 mph. Now I'm running at least 2 mph. There did not seem to be a specific pattern as to where to pick up the 'eyes, they all came from different spots. Flag me down if you get out there soon. I'll be on the water all day Thursday and Friday before the yahoos get there for the weekend. I run a little gray boat with a 20 hp Evinrude. Good luck.
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    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    Glad you joined and started posting. Now i have met two people from the boards. How long did it take to put those clues together ? I always wondered how fast that motor was. I had it on a 13.5 bench seat aluma boat and it really moved out . Was stopped once at Atwood as they thought it was a larger motor . I do miss her. My next trip i will plan on hitting Milton . Thanks for the invite ,looking foward to it I'll pm you when a time slot opens for me. I hear the weekends are hell there . How's a time slot though the week ? Talking after 5p . Will that work for you ??