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  1. Can anyone let me in on any hot spots for catfishing at Atwood? Planning a trip with some buddies with the toon and I have never really gone after catfish here. Wasn't sure if I should try up in the shallows or just stick with cemetary bay or down by the beach. Any info would be great!
  2. i catfish on the bank between cemetary bay and the beach .i caught a 45lb catfish there but since the spawn the little ones keep cleaning me.I would go down by the second marina and fish that end its shallower and has less boats flying around .hope this helps good luck!!

  3. Atwood is LOADED with catfish...All different sizes...We've caught cats just about anywhere we've tried. I'd say that bait is more important than location...We've had good luck with shrimp, chicken livers, and cut bluegills...

    Good Luck!! Looking forward to seeing your results...:B
  4. Thanks for the info. It should be a good time if we can find some of those big boys. Heck we'll have a good time if we just get some small guys. Just hope the weather works out for us.
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    I'll second that !!! Went trolling or some eyes 8/7 5:30 to 7:30 Caught a few small eyes BUT caught cats everywhere. Most were 10 to 12 inches. Nothing big ..There are some big cats in Atwood though. I just don't target them.
  6. fished atwood last night for some eyes as well...8/7 actually though, not 8/14 there mirro! haha!!

    Caught 1 small dink, and 1 nice fat 18 incher!! put him on the scale and he was about 2 lb., 6 oz...My PB saugeye yet!!! Sure was a nice one, I just wish there were a few more to go along with it!! Maybe another day!! Saw another guy catch a few small ones...Seems like they're starting to bite a little better...
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    Nice One Wickford !!

    Wish we could have stayed longer. I always have to leave during prime time...This weekend we will be camping down there So i won't be able to use that excuse any longer. Hope to get my net wet this weekend ..