Atwood Black Bear sighting

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  1. My brother and sister in law came inches from hitting a black bear Sat. somewhere close to Atwood Lake. I don't know exactly what road but he said it was close to their house which is in New Cumberland. They went with a female ranger to track it. They told me what the ranger estimated it's weight at and I can't remember, but he made it sound like it wasn't all that big as bears go. My brother said he almost wrecked and has no idea how he missed him. My sister in law said it was as big as the whole front of the car and she about p***ed herself.
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    I recently read about a bear being spotted in the general area. I wonder if it was the same one.

  3. my brother has been telling me of bear sightings in geauga county


    i have heard the same thing but atwood is in the dellroy area and isnt new cumberland in west virginia?
  5. Probaly the same bear spotted in New Phila and Dover friday and saturday.
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    Yeah there was a bear spotted by the drug mart area in Dover. If you take the road by it, it will take you near Atwood. So I think it is the same one. But that's crazy that there has been 3 bear sightings in like 4 days. I want to see it, just not be real close to it. :D Maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day while fishing haha.
  7. Pretty sure theres a New Cumberland off off Rt. 212 if I remember right by seeing a sign once.
  8. yep it is...


    ok thanks i guess i need to get out more and do some more fishing to see the world
  10. My son and his wife seen the bear just off of route 800 south,outside of Canton South,yesterday,6/18/07.Lot of people watching and taking pics of it.He tried to get pic,but was too far away.
  11. Wow thats pretty crazy. My grandparents live down in East Sparta west of 800, and I have a few friends that live down in Canton South so maybe they'll see it one of these days.
  12. That bear is moving pretty quick, I am starting to think it is more than just one. Not sure how far they can travel in a day, but from Dover to New Cumberland, then Canton South, that is a hike.
  13. Thats what I was thinking... thats quite a range of land to cover in such a "short" time period. Now I dont know how fast bears typically move, and/or how far they normally travel in a given time frame, but this seems like quite a range for a land animal to cover.

    I've heard Bald Eagles cover up to a 50-100 mile radius of their nest on any given hunt for food, but again they're in the air not on land. Interesting to say the least.
  14. Not sure,but I was told a bear can travel up to 200 miles a day.I guess this is supposed to be mating season for them.They mark their spots during this time.Then return to where they came from.Just going on what I was told.
  15. I know very little about bears. That does sound like an awful lot of movement for one bear, but it wouldn't suprize me. They can run amazingly fast for their brute size but I don't think they can maintain a full sprint for very long. I would have loved to have been with them and seen it. I wonder how many people will report having seen a bigfoot? Especially in low light or at night. Big, black and hairy...not a real stretch I guess. :)
  16. A bear got loose from an animal reserve near Akron the other day. They can travel a long way, could be that one.
  17. You might want to go to the Division of Wildlife website. We are getting a lot more bear sightings in Ohio. Two sighted in Columbiana County. You might want to call the wildlife officer as they are usually interested in what's roaming their county.
  18. I will ask him, but I believe my brother already reported it to them. Thanks
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    it may seem like a long way for people to walk because most of us have stuff to keep up preoccupied throughout the day so we naturally think that thats a lot of ground to cover..... i know that some bears can smell food from about 25miles away and if yer hungry enough and got nothin to do..... time for a hike :D
  20. I am originally from the Steubenville, Ohio area and still have relatives there I talk to on the phone with regularly. I was talking to my father about two or three weeks ago and he said there was a story on their local news about a bear sighting near the Fort Steuben Mall. Then the next day there was a news story about the bear being seen near one of the cemetaries in the area. Wonder if that is the same bear moving north?