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    Are there any bait shops near the dam ramp at atwood?
  2. No, either hit the one on 212 before Summerdale(might not be open) or you have to go to the other end of the lake. There is a new place just past the lodge but I'm not sure what the carry. The West marina has bait in the summer not sure about now. Sorry I can't give you a positive answer about this.

  3. The bait shop at the West Marina was still open as of last weekend. Also, the bait shop on 212 a few miles west of the dam was open also. Neither of them however had minnows at the time. They both said the delivery was late. I had to run to Sherrodsville to get minnows...and creamsticks.
    MAN thems some good creamsticks!!!:rolleyes:
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    It's a little out of the way ,but not to far Nauti toys sells bait not sure of hrs., or what bait they still have They are located on 2241 lodge road 330-735-1300 .This maybe the place AllEyes is talking about .If you stop in check on my boat while you are there.Getting it wrap and ready for winter .I know BAD TIMEING.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. I couldnt remember seeing any on the way there before. The EBCC has a crappie tourny there Saturday. Sounds like I shouldnt take any chances and get them here and take with me.
    Anybody have any crappie tips they would like to share??
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    :) The Zoar Market in Zoar on St RT 212 has bait including minnows. They did not carry bait last winter but I was in the store this week and the minnow tank was running. The best bait shop around is on Rt.250 near Tappen. Jim Corey runs it and can talk fishing also.