Atwood and Leesville

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  1. I had a bad day at atwood not 1 bite. anyone having any luck here or leesville? Ice on atwood is 4 to 5 in.
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    The bite is slow at Atwood. If you have the enough patience to tease a few out of the hole,You'll be well rewarded with some nice slabs. Ive been sucessful every trip. But it prolly wouldnt have happened w out help from my vex. my buddy sittin next to me in the shanty got one and lost a few. me i ended up w nice bucket of fish enough to last me till i get hungry again for crappie..goin to the big lake saturday walleye sounds goood.

  3. Eric how much snow did you have on top of the ice...By the way I sent a PM...Be careful out there.....Jim.....
  4. 2 to 4 in of snow on the lake
  5. Ice is very spotty at Leesville. You can be on good ice and then there is slushy/bad ice just a few feet away. All I've heard about there has been small gills. Atwood has been slow like the others have said.
  6. A lot of the lakes up this way have been very spotty...Most have been small fish...Every now and then Someone gets into some nice ones...Right now looks like you catch them or you don't. From the reports the lakes are like Leesville.........Jim....
  7. Was at atwood thursday 200 yards from everyone else--caught 15 -20 8-11 inchers--on minnow--10 ft of water 1 foot off bottom---anyone know how tappan is????
  8. Does anyone have the name/number of a bait shop near Atwood. I would like to get minnows.
  9. I dont have name or # but there are 2 in summerdale off 212 on the way to atwood and they have minnows
  10. Tappan ice is good. I fished there the other morning with one bite on a tip up and that was it. The lakes haven't been treating me well this year, but ponds have been on fire.
  11. Lakeside Bait And Tackle On 542 West Of Dellroy--330-735-3170--jeff Frame Is The Owner --good Fisherman And Usually Has Info On Lake
  12. Aarons Carry Out sells bait. 6280 St. Rt. 212 NE 330-859-2081 Somerdale. Found anywhere from 4 to 8in. of ice at Atwood yesterday not many fish though.
  13. brother fished atwood friday and not a bite.fished a road bed too.
  14. Went to leesville sunday with daughter(8)---caught a couple bass and bluegill and she and both lost 4 big crappie at hole---sunken bridge 16 ft of water 2 -6 ft off bottom--wax worm---not a great day but not a bad one-she had a blast --
  15. Has anybody been to Tappan? if ice is good -have some deep road beds to fish ---on vacation all week,did not want to make trip is ice is bad
  16. I fished tappan by the two points before the marina on Thursday. Had 4-7 inches all across that spot. One bite on a tip up with minnow and that was it.
  17. anybody headed to leesville??? i am going to cabellas tommorrow and buying either a camera or flasher---looking for someone to fish with and trying to find the other sunken bridge foundation---
  18. anybody have any suggestions on flasher type or camera and which they would recommend???
  19. Vexilar FL20....its the shi*!
  20. antbody know where to find one and how much do they run??/ i can use camera in summer to see deep rigging spots so it would be more dual purpose for the money ---