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Atwood 9/3

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by wickford, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Hit Atwood yesterday for a little boating with the family...Ended up having about an hour to fish with my brother who does not fish much at all (1st time in 2 years!)...We didn't do too bad for only fishing an hour...he ended up with 3 eyes, 1 was 13", the other 2 were 12"...I ended up with a tiny white bass and a small catfish...all in all, not bad considering the boat traffic on the lake was heavy, and we were fishing in the middle of the afternoon...1:15-2:15.
  2. mirrocraft mike

    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    I stayed away from Atwood for just that reason .I think everyone that docks at Atwood is there on Labor day weekend . Glad to hear you and your brother caught a few .You heading back down this week ?

  3. marsh

    marsh atwood amateur

    We hit it today between 10:15 and 4:15 ... two eyes biggest was 13" two largemouth, two white bass and a perch
  4. Seems like the eyes are stuck in that 12-13 inch range!! I can't figure out why they aren't getting any bigger...That was the predominant size we caught last year, and everything I've read shows that they grow from 3-6 inches per year, so I'd think we'd be finding a bunch of 16-20 inchers out there...Oh well, maybe the bigger ones are wiser too!! I'll keep trying for them though!
  5. Wickford, were you fishing from your pontoon or a different boat. Have not had mine out since May. I fished Apr. & May pretty regular then. Got several w/bass, gills & crappie each time. Looked for you on your boat last weekend but of course not sure what color or brand it is. How's your dad enjoying retirement?