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    Got on the water at4p fished until 7p .Only found three small eyes all at a even 12 inches. .All my normal spots now hold white bass A LOT OF white bass . Screen was filled with them. Had doubles on five times which was fun nothing over 9inch. Have picked up a few pulling meat before ,but never this many in one trip. Atwood has been very strange the last few yrs. .I have had some good days there, but way to many hammer handles and dinks in the last three yrs. Would a slot size limit work here ??
  2. I don't know if a slot would help or not. I have never caught any size at Atwood. The biggest eye I ever saw was washed up on the beach by my parents cottage at the Glens, probably a 4-5 pounder. Biggest I have ever caught was a 15" and I threw it back cause I didn't think it was big enough. Funny you mention the white bass, I caught 2 trolling a stinger spoon this summer, I didn't even know they were in the lake.

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    I have seen at least one 26/28 inch eye every year dead. I've caught some decent fish a couple 20's and few dozen 17/18 . Most were released to catch another day. With the numbers of 11/14 inch fish and the big stocking it gets every year You would think this place would have A LOT of nice eyes .
  4. I was out fishing at Atwood on 9/21 with Wickford and we caught 3 12-13 eyes, 2 white bass and 3 bluegill. I still had fun though, I had caught my first eye this weekend. But, I pulled in the two White's while trolling with a curl tail jig.
  5. Go Fish there are alot of monster eyes in the lake i can catch a few in early spring but after they go deep they disappear. Also there are millions of white bass in the lake, you should see them blow up in the summer (morning and night). It is awesome!

    My parents also have a home in the Glens.
  6. Spring and late-late fall is best . Any other time is pot luck for the larger eyes
    on Atwood. If you guys don't already, put some time into casting/jigging spoons. Hopkins are the ticket. 1/2 oz. gold snapped off bottom a foot or so. Jim Corey turned me on to spoons a few years ago and they do catch fish. All of my bigger eyes from Atwood in the last couple of years have been taken on spoons.
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    Fished it during Spring ,but never fished it late in the fall .The call of the Wild kicks in. I'll have to try those spoons . Vibee;s seem to be my go too lure in the spring.They have produced my biggest.
  8. I've never tried spoons either...I've only tried vibee's a little bit, so I'll have to give them a little more effort this fall too...